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Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 14.0 "Dark Dreams"

VNY's notes:

This ship orbits Procopia, serving as the major federal penitentiary for this side of the Tapani Sector. It does not have any cells specially appointed for High Vor prisoners.
Darth Feyd was here; so was Emperor's Hand Ellaine Vorhejeron. For that matter, so were Count Tsu Vorboccioni, Lord Danar Vorpadaran, and I, but not at the same time as Darth Blockhead and Darth Steffie (who were kept in different corridors anyhow, and maybe different wings entirely for all I know).
I'm still not sure how they normally manage FS inmates -- I know they have an arrangement, I merely didn't wind up there. Maybe because of how I got arrested? The cell in the max security wing which I spent time occupying was clean, boring, no ysalamiri or anything like that, some kind of thin algae layer or something sandwiched in the perimeter forming a soothing fog of life around our area but that might just be part of the Hydroponics system making our breathable air. (It's certainly not a block to the Light Side of the Force!)
- database entry updated Datunda
34 Helona
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