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Ysalamiri have the unusual ability to “push back” the mysterious energy field known as the Force. Apparently, this bizarre ability is a defense mechanism against the ysalamiri’s natural enemy, the vornskr. Vornskrs, four-legged predators that hunt the ysalamiri through the Force itself, are the only other known non-sapient species that are so attuned to this mystical energy field.   Ysalamiri are small, lizard-like creatures, growing no more than 50 centimeters in length. Ysalamiri are essentially legged serpents with a thin coat of hair and they live in a symbiotic relationship with the trees of the planet Myrkr. Single ysalamiri create “bubbles” of Force-empty space up to 10 meters in radius, though two or more ysalamiri in close proximity create much larger bubbles.   Grand Admiral Alexander Kane had Imperial engineers devise a frame of pipes to support and nourish the tiny creatures once they were safely removed from their branches. He had this frame constructed so that it could be worn by himself or others to provide a mobile defense against those capable of manipulating the Force.   It has been rumored that other means to allow the small reptiles to survive away from their natural tree habitat have been devised with some small measure of success.
Type: Sessile lizard   DEXTERITY OD+2 PERCEPTION 1D+1 STRENGTH OD+2   Special Abilities:   Force Repulsion: Ysalamiri can create “bubbles” in which the Force cannot be manipulated. A single ysalamiri can form a defensive bubble up to 10 meters in radius. Within the bubble. characters cannot use Force skills, Force Points or Character Points. Force attacks directed at ysalamiri fade away as they enter the creature’s “Force bubble.”   Move: 0 Size: Up to 50 centimeters long


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