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Eleni Benacor

Human female, smuggler, Orange Catholic

Character created by Jen K. First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 23.0 "The Long Night"

Captain Sabine Eleni Estrella Benacor (a.k.a. Eleni Benacor; Cap'n)

VNY's notes:

A pirate pilot with her own modest ship, Captain Eleni Benacor came to us (through some of Admiral d'Arcy's Rebel Alliance connections) as a straightforward independent transporter with a reliable but unexciting reputation. She was not known for picking sides in a moral conflict -- but then, the fact that the Rebels said she would fulfill the contract as agreed is itself a side.
From the latter have of '724 until the last weeks of '729, Eleni spent a lot of her time (but not all) under the employ of Emperor Gregor Vortapani and Captain Simon Illyan, who frequently sent her to assist Admiral Angelo d'Arcy. She was often on the run from several bounties for the things she and her most likely passengers have done under the employ of Admiral D’arcy, and generally earned a reputation for being highly competent in her bad-ass (Yeager Lexics-provided) armor while being employed by the Tapani Imperium.
She’s a parishioner of the Orange Universalist Catholic faith, and may’ve even spent a couple years trying an educational course at a seminary, but you don’t see her running around doing the Bene Gesserit things: no matchmaking, no encouraging post-adolescents toward bootycalls, no fixation on giving babies a blood test or sticking somebody’s hand in an ouchy box.
Actually, I think the ouchy box thing is probably another fine invention of the same lunatics who brought us Jedi Quest.
Anyway, the guys enjoy watching recordings of her in smack-the-stupid action, and have a mild but healthy bit of hero-worship for her. Kind of like your typical Tapani Imperium native being a fan of a member of the Fondor System-based bolo-ball team.
It did not dampen the guys' fandom in the least when she became full-time Abbess of the Adepta Sororitas, either.
We don't have reason to converse very often these days. That's understandable and more than understandable. I wish her well and I presume she would say the same about me.
- database entry updated Natunda
25 Telona

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Special abilities

The Weirding Way:  

Sense 2D

  • Life Sense
  • Life Detection
  • The Other Memory ( Postcognition )


Control 3D

  • Prana Bindu ( Concentrate )
  • Full Body Control ( Resist Stun )
  • Poison Alteration ( Detoxify Poison )
  • Force of Will
  • Control Pain
  • Emptiness


Alter 1D+2

  • Injure/Kill
  • Affect Physical World ( Telekinesis )


Control + Sense

  • Limited Prescience ( Farseeing )


Control + Sense + Alter

  • The Voice

Apparel & Accessories

Eleni prefers wearing dark colors, especially grays and blacks. All of her clothing is chosen for ease of movement.

Specialized Equipment

She does have, on her person unless in her storage in the Mismatch:
  • nice armor from Yeager
  • Left arm bracer with small knife
  • 1 mandalorian iron vibroknife
  • E11: Damage 5d+0
  • Holdout Blaster
  • Gold-toned stunfoil
  • Rebreather
  • Commlink
  • Personal GeidiGo PDA with Smuggepedia on it. Has emailing capabilities.
    Has critical files regarding reaver antidote on her Smuggepedia, as well as samples.
  • Has a small kit containing a treatment for the so called "man-e-gesserit" abominations, created by Simon Tam.
  • Has another small kit containing extremely potent stimpacks and other medical supplies, created by Simon Tam

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Physical description: Before the Sisterhood fell apart, she was blonde and pale-skinned, but in the course of her smuggling career she has reverted to her true coloring, which is wavy black hair and cocoa colored skin. Her eyes have always been dark brown. Her hair is normally in a single braid, and she prefers wearing dark colors, especially grays and blacks. All of her clothing is chosen for ease of movement.


Background: Former Bene Gesserit acolyte, now smuggler and mercenary for the Tapani Sector's Emperor Gregor. Answers directly to Simon Illyan and Reverend Mother Reena Weiscz.


In the course of her smuggler work for d'Arcy, Eleni encountered a squadron of the Adepta Sororitas in the middle of cleansing evil from a remote mining station. They were about to open group fire on Yeager Lexics, with traditional cries from Cannoness Commander Mira Dal and Sister Superior Jenna Martovich of "Purge the unclean!". Eleni drew on her ex-Bene Gesserit education to halt the Sisters of Battle before any real harm could be done; she redirected them to the Reaver infestation nearby, explaining:

Sister: Our mandate was to purge the unclean.
Eleni: Well, they aren't unclean. Those ones over there are unclean.
Yeager: I took a shower this morning.
KitKat: You're in vacuum! No one can smell you.
— Shards of Honor adventure 32: "Fire and Thunder"

In a year or less, the entire Adepta Sororitas order referred to Captain Benacor as "Abbess".


Which was somewhat bewildering to

  • Eleni
  • the rest of the adventuring party
  • Admiral d"Arcy
  • Reverend Mother Weiscz
but not in the least bewildering to the bystanders.


After the true death of Palpatine brought a conclusion to the Shards of Honor Campaign, Eleni retired from the adventuring life. She still has her ship, the Mismatch, but she is sufficiently occupied as the senior of the two Abbesses who direct the Adepta Sororitas. She can often be found on Geidi Prime. She conducts part of her duties at Estalle Island in the Procopia System, when politics requires it.


Intellectual Characteristics

Calm, quiet and deadly (but capable of more relaxed and enthusiastic shenanigans in the right company). Very efficient. Sense of humor is often missed by others (except, according to Eleni herself, Vanya).

Morality & Philosophy

Speak the truth. That is always much easier, and is often the most powerful argument.
— Frank Herbert, House Atreides
This rule, while true, doesn't help Eleni at all in most gaming situations.
— Eleni's player, after quoting the above


Notes: Because of her religion, Eleni cannot lie or kill humans without risking a darkside point.


Contacts & Relations

Spent six years as "part of an elite uh.. team" which is often sent on investigative/dangerous missions by Simon Illyan. Members change depending on mission, but core characters are Tsu Vorboccioni (Khun), Vanya Ysadora, Danar Vorpadaran, KitKat, and Yeager Lexics. Various clones may also be present. Dating Dr. Simon Tam".
Answered directly to Captain Illyan and to Reverend Mother Weiscz

Religious Views

Mostly Orange Catholic

Wealth & Financial state

The Mismatch, a Kazellis Light Freighter

Also confiscated a ship from Parnell Makola

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Abbess Sanctorum
Year of Birth
12690 41 Years old
Current Residence
dark brown
wavy black, normally in a single braid
130 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

So many quotes; so little time
I was only in ONE closet ... and THAT wasn't even Sith!
— Captain Benacor objects to one of the many Chuck Norris-style legends about her: Tales from the Cantina: Absentis Persona; Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
It's so brilliant, it might work! Until we roll the dice, and then it won't work.
— Eleni to Tsu Vorboccioni, "Life and Times on Geidi Prime", Star Wars: Shards of Honor Campaign, March 14, 2009
Eleni to GM: I'm not in a good place right now.
Danar to Eleni: We're on Geidi Prime. NONE of us are in a good place right now!
— "Life and Times on Geidi Prime", Star Wars: Shards of Honor Campaign, March 14, 2009
Eleni: I really don't like these people.
Lauren Yoesh: {talks on about violent recent history}
Yeager: I like this place!
— "Life and Times on Geidi Prime", Star Wars: Shards of Honor Campaign, March 14, 2009
While Eleni completely agrees with Vanya, her mind tends to take terms such as "eat your heart out" quite literally. "Fixing" is not an option. Leaving them wanting air is
— Romantic Interests are not "fixer-uppers", Discussion thread for "Time Enough to Spare"
Eleni to Tsu: I like Simon, but you don't need to keep arranging for us to spend time together.
Vanya to Tsu: She means Tam, not Illyan!
Eleni to Vanya: That's right, thanks.
— We'd like Tsu Vorboccioni to quit messing with our (potential) love lives, Band of Shadows, August 30, 2009
Eleni: So, which one of us is going?
Vanya: Paper, Rock, Scissors?
Eleni: Sure.
{Both players back away from the table, face each other, and begin PRS.}
Both: {scissors}
Vanya: {stands up, faces GM, points dramatically at Eleni} That's not fair!
— Moral of the story: never play PRS against members of the Mystic Mob. Star Wars: Rebel Yell, Saturday, December 5, 2009
He's GOT to be in authority: he's got a skirt on.
(Bene Gesserit way of thinking.)
— Eleni's view of an ARC trooper, specifically Commander Loren; Star Wars: Rebel Yell, Saturday, December 19th 2009
Eleni: Yeager, I have a question.
Yeager: Yeah?
Eleni: What's Order *TWO*?
Yeager's player: {spittake of soda}
— Star Wars: Rebel Yell, Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
VN Ysadora: I've been carrying a blaster since before I was carrying a lightsaber.
Eleni: I've been carrying a blaster since I met Vanya!
— "Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared", Saturday, July 31st, 2010
GM: So do you leave the safety of the shuttle, and go in the open door {into the giant obsidian monolith}?
Vanya: Ayup.
Eleni: Hooyaaah.
GM: Yeager is rubbing off on you!
— "Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared", Sunday, August 1st, 2010
{points downward and nods encouragingly} With the blood on him!
— Eleni explains the importance of a patient to the maitre d' at the restaurant, Shards of Honor: Requiem, Saturday, August 14th, 2010
Danar's player: I'm going to write a report on all this to ImpSec
Eleni's player: Eleni doesn't have anyone to report to, really, so I guess I'm just going to ... {trails off}
Vanya: You wanna send one of MY reports?
Eleni: {perks right up}
— And she DID. Specifically the Report to Jedi Council. And it was GREAT! Shards of Honor: Requiem; Sunday, August 15th, 2010
Yoda has a tell!
— Eleni, yelling down the hall to Vanya, while in mid-live conversation via HoloNet with Yoda; Shards of Honor: Requiem, Saturday, August 14th, 2010
You got a Bene Gesserit point!
— Eleni's very proud of Yeager's inventive rescue; Shards of Honor: Requiem; Saturday, August 28th, 2010
Khun: Do you mind if I do the landing this time?
Eleni: {upset} We're LANDING?!?
— There's still a whole buncha bugs in combat reach; Shards of Honor: "Requiem"; Sunday, August 29th, 2010
There's no trailer hitch on my ship.
— Eleni, denying a hint from Khun for a dedicated-to-Danar cargo hold on the Mismatch; Shards of Honor: "Requiem", Saturday, September 11th, 2010
Yeager: I always like the one in charge, I don't know why that is.
Vanya: I do.
Eleni: I do.
— Shards of Honor: "Requiem", Sunday, September 12th, 2010
{the hell-walrus fires}
Yeager: That one's GOT TO GO
Eleni and Khun: {simultaneously} Working on it.
— Same inflection and everything; Shards of Honor: "Requiem", Saturday, October 9th, 2010
This is just like being on a Russian flight: First they give you a vodka shot and then you find out WHY.
— Eleni's player, Shards of Honor: "Requiem", Saturday, October 9th, 2010
She's mastered Mind Control Through Punching!
Danar regarding Eleni atop the massive worm monster, Shards of Honor: "Requiem", Sunday, October 10th, 2010
GM: Suddenly, the entire ship shudders!
{GM cues the scary music}
Eleni: Aw, come ON! {I loosen the thing I just tightened.}
— That should fix it!; "Spatial Relations"; Saturday, March 12th, 2012
It can't be Vor – if it were Vor, it would have ribbons on its head.
— Eleni, regarding mynock possible origins; "Spatial Relations"; Saturday, March 12th, 2012
VN: You ever have one of those days?
Eleni: Every damn TIME that I'm with you guys!
— Poorly timed docking clamp release; "Spatial Relations"; Saturday, March 12th, 2012
In the course of repairing the sabotaged landing gear, Eleni finds an open cylinder that had contained something from Geidi Prime called a "shit shit shit!"
— Some call it a hunter-seeker; "Spatial Relations"; Saturday, March 12th, 2012
Eleni and Vanya: {explain about Royal Blood thing from Matres Merglin}
Rico: { o_O }
— He is pretty sure this is entirely wrong; "Spatial Relations"; Sunday, March 13th, 2012
I have finally found a reason to like this planet.
— and all it took was a hand-tractor; Eleni's Journal; "Crime and Punishment", Saturday, March 26th, 2011
Han Solo: Sweetheart, a blaster bolt takes care of about ANYthing.
Eleni: Then what're you complaining about?!
Party: {golf clap and cheering}
— Shards of Honor: A Card to Play; Sunday, September 11th, 2011
A Scorched Earth policy is in the Scripture!
— Sister of Battle to her Abbess, Shards of Honor: "Fool's Mate"; Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Vanya: Do Sisters of Battle date?
Eleni: They don't date. They conquer!
— Shards of Honor: "Fool's Mate"; Saturday, September 24th, 2011
I wasn't going to console them. We were going to have a Time of Mourning where they have to {rolling gesture} stay in the Temple.
— Eleni on the Sisters of Battle; Shards of Honor: "Fool's Mate"; Saturday, October 8th, 2011
I think after the vigil, we're going to have a whole four hours of Yeager video.
— Eleni regarding the Sisterhood; Shards of Honor: "Fool's Mate"; Saturday, October 8th, 2011
Sister Commander: I knew it! I knew he'd go bad!
Abbess Eleni: He's not going bad! He's just ... being himself.
Eleni: Go ahead and shoot him, though.
{Sister Commander prepares to fire the e-web}
Bene Gesserit Temple, regarding incoming Drop Marine Yeager Lexics; Shards of Honor: "Fool's Mate"; Sunday, November 20th, 2011
I hate bringing Monty Python stuff into this, but what I'm going to do:
— Eleni deals with aggressive combatants; Tales from the Cantina: Absentis Persona; Saturday, October 20th, 2012
It's like Dim Sum!
— Eleni referring to the frequent delivery of more evidence, samples, and information to the laboratory where she and Dr. Tam are working; Shards of Honor: A Civil Crusade; Saturday, October 5th, 2013


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