Star wars: shards Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc

Military action

Katunda and Satunda, Winter Fete 12729

A major battle takes place in Shindra System while @Taun We tries to save the species she calls her children.
This will probably be the death of her.
She is willing to pay that price.

A New Hope


The Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet fall back to regroup with Alliance fleet at Shindra. Behind them, an immense CONFEDERATION DREADNOUGHT bears down on the world with unknown and deadly cargo!


At the same moment on the other side of the province, THEMIAN VORHEJERON leads a CONFEDERATION assault wing to smash through the defenses at Barnaba. However, his small fleet doesn’t stop, they immediately jump to hyperspace deeper into the Vorbarnabas' province .


Little does the ALLIANCE know that the target of the CONFEDERATION push is a small ship fleeing for its life. Aboard this ship is information that could save the ALLIANCE, or spell its doom.


Jungle Games


The CONFEDERATION DREADNOUGHT bears down on Shindra. Its escorts launch waves of fighters and landing craft. These are immediately intercepted by a combined force of ALLIANCE, DENDARII MERCENARIES and fighter wings from CLAN VENN. The battle for the fate of Shindra has begun.


On the other side of the border between the CONFEDERATION and the ALLIANCE, the surviving ships from both sides have retreated to count their losses. The ALLIANCE gathered at the orbital Naval base at Crella System, the CONFEDERATION to an old gas mining station in orbit around the fourth planet of the system.


Meanwhile, while our heroes speed towards the planet surface of Crella in search of Dr. @Taun We, a pair of concealed CONFEDERATION assault shuttles follow them discreetly …


Themian Vorhejeron leads the strike force tasked with assassinating Dr. We before she can save her children. He was slowed in Barnaba System when his boarding party -- attempting to steal Dr. We's route from the @Mand'alor's ship -- took heavy losses.


Through sheer numbers, they eventually overwhelmed Spar -- but as Mand'alor, he proved his mettle, killing more than thirty Confederates while his people escaped.


Themian Vorhejeron has a terrible secret in store: he has begun to learn the ways of the Sith....

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