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Clan Venn

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 39.0 "Rebel Yell"

VNY's notes:

This Mando-style Clan consists of a couple hundred ex-Troopers who had to go cyborg for a while to survive and continue their assigned mission. A thirty-year while! They reorganized themselves as a Mando Clan instead of the standard Clone Trooper division after their Jedi Master, Sela Venn, saved them all from radiation attacks launched by a Coruscanti trooper contingent.

We freed Clan Venn and all their ships from their perpetual loop, and we brought them home to the Tapani Imperium. They have a home in Allandor System any time they want to not wander. They’ve had excellent medical care, solving the “do not register as human beings” issue. Some of them joined the Beskar Aran, some of them retreated from active life, but they’re all still Clan Venn.
Most of Clan Venn, though not all, elected to join House Vorysadora. The majority are not "High Vor" but that's one House with a breathtakingly high number of potential alternate Heirs.

- database entry updated Datunda
29 Elona


Historical figures


Gender Ideals

When freed from infinite travel loop, approximately 12% of Clan Venn identified as female. Those numbers may have changed in the process of restoring organic parts where cybernetics had been.
  • Clan Venn's convoy of ships were reduced in the ambush that set them on their secret infinite-loop trail as a Ghost Fleet. They still have the Venator-class Star Destroyer Vigilant, plus two Acclamators, three Republic Cruisers, and five Republic Freighters, in addition to a starfighter complement for realspace defense.
  • Presume that the topic of Jedi Master Sela Venn is off-limits.
  • Presume that failure to favorably join a toast to "General Venn" is grounds for violence.


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