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Jedi Master


Very few Jedi Knights become Jedi Masters. They would ordinarily have been Knights in the order for many years, going where the Force led, learning new things about the Light Side and sharing this knowledge with others. Some have compared the qualifications for a Jedi Master to a specialized doctoral degree at an advanced university, and the Jedi Master themself as a postdoctoral scholar who continues studies into a particular aspect of the Force. This is not exactly an accurate comparison, but it gives a sense of the amount of dedication, self discipline, and education which a potential Jedi Master must have.


A Jedi Knight who has trained several successive Padawans to knighthood, or who otherwise has significantly enhanced the ability of the Jedi Order to comprehend and serve the Light Side of the Force; {and, critically, who has become sufficiently resonant in the Light Side to ignore temptations of the Dark Side without strain,) and whose extremely superior talents in the use and service of the Force, will be offered promotion to Jedi Master by one or more current Masters who did not train this Knight during their Padawanhood.


A Jedi Master has additional responsibilities in the management of the Order, not only in scholarship and training but also in how the Order connects to other social organizations of the Galaxy.


Before Darth Sidious proclaimed the Galactic Empire to replace the Galactic Republic, some Jedi Masters would be invited to join one of the four Councils that oversaw the administration of the Order and charted its future course. After the Great Jedi Purge, however, so few Jedi escaped that the Councils ceased to exist.


Will they form again? Grand Master Yoda does not seem to think so. Currently, the living Jedi Masters each see to whatever needs the Order may present, with perhaps a brief discussion if the matter seems complicated enough to require additional views. Master Yoda is more likely to talk about the possible future functions of the Council of Guardians until everyone in the conversation has forgotten the original question was about the "High Council" or the "Council of First Knowledge" or the "Council of Reassignment" or the "Council of Reconciliation".

Religious, Clerical
Equates to
General according to the traditions of the 257th Clone Detachment, but this is used more in the "social custom determining forms of address" sense these days than in any other sense. The Jedi feel very strongly about never being part of any government's army ever again.
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