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Council of Guardians

The following Force traditions have a representative among the Guardians:


The Council of Guardians is a collection of leaders chosen from the various Force traditions. Each order uses their own methods to choose a representative, who is expected to attend in the Council for a period of two years, then they are replaced by a new representative.


To maintain the balance and security of the Council of Guardians, the Order of Solicitors maintain a garrison of Judges who watch and protect the Council from threats. The Judges are under the direction of a Solicitor who has been assigned the Council as his ‘province’.


The Council’s chambers and the full complex is housed on Dorella in the Freeworlds Territory.


During the Galactic Civil War, and then the Tapani Civil War, the Jedi Order began to rebuild. It reconnected with the galaxy as a whole, and different Force traditions. These other traditions differed from the Jedi philosophies, but Master Yoda saw that with that difference, could come understanding.


Following the idea of then Jedi Padawan Vanya Ysadora's "Tuesday Tea", he suggested to the leaders of these traditions, a new "Council". Not one that was based in the teaching of the Jedi, but one where all the traditions could come together and discuss problems or other aspects of the Force. A more formal "Tuesday Tea", and a place of debate and discussion. They agreed.


At the time of the Council's inception, all of the orders that were invited said they would send a single representative. All but a member of the Crimson Knights arrived. This caused concern and became the first topic of the new Council of Guardians.

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