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Allandor System

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 26.0 "Black Sun's Shadow"
System, primary star, and the major settled agricultural planet are all named "Allandor". The system also contains the usual mix of uninhabitable solid and gaseous planets, with no particularly remarkable mineral deposits.
Allandor (meaning the planet) had very little importance to anyone, even the Freeworlds Territory of which it is a component, for most of the Galactic Empire occupation. Then Palpatine bombed it to hell, and sent in a garrison to set up a base. Apparently the Rebels immediately started blowing up the Imps. Within a few months, the locals wanted nothing to do with either side; it’ll take years to rebuild their stability to the point that they could think of anything beyond their next meal.
To solve the problem, Emperor Gregor Vortapani gave the whole planet to the Jedi Order on Tapani Day of 12728.
Everyone seems to be acting like the Old Folks' Home is the de facto capital of the planet now.
This is a bit of a problem.
We are very good at being clergy. Because we are clergy.
We are fairly good at being agricultural support. That's pretty much the story of the Jedi Order through most of the Federal Era and a good chunk of time before then.
We do okay, in a consenting system, when it comes to unraveling a chaotic ball long enough for trends of {space traffic flow/environmental impact mitigation/communications system restructuring} to sort into useful forms.
But we have proven that we stink at politics. And at municipal work. And we are, for Force's sake, not law enforcement. Especially not for as dynamic a system as your average star system population!
Because we are CLERGY, not ministers, my lord and master Emperor Gregor.
The solution to this is not going to be clergy of another faith, either. The Mentats have Mentis System, the Bene Gesserit and Qo'shasot share a very awkward custody of Geidi Prime, and the Adepta Sororitas are taking a go at the entire modern Galactic Star Empire. Good luck to them -- and they are going to NEED it! -- because running a planet is not at all the same skillset as interpreting a spirituality.
This is the reason why Jedi Master Yoda put together the Council of Guardians for the Alliance of Worlds: we know what we are good at, and we know it's neither controlling others' lives nor administering to the details of resource management for a complex system.
Honestly, I think what will eventually happen is that we'll attract people who are naturally good at that, but who grew up full of compassion; they will get their works well enough established that they need more space; the Jedi Order will gradually hand over the current Temple and move out to the sticks. Allandor has some nicely difficult-to-farm areas in the rockier areas of the southern hemisphere. I could see, a hundred years or so from now, the Jedi heading down there to try out "Fun With Cucurbitaceae" in a cluster of mini-biosphere setups.
- database entry Datunda
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The system primary is Allandor, an A3 V White Main Sequence star.
The first two orbits, counting from inside to outside, are both airless silicate rock worlds. Calaruta whizzes around Allandor close enough that it is difficult to spot without instrumentation. Emichi and its moon Aziria are oblongs, which has had some folks tell me that they used to be part of a single planet and others tell me that one or both were captured interstellar objects.
Allandor the planet and its moon Aiyama continue to show signs of the terraforming that took Allandor from being a Type IV environment to its status in the 16900s as a stable agricultural world feeding a significant amount of the Freeworlds Territory.
The fourth orbit from the star is occupied by another airless silicate rock, Wolda, and its moon Chessie. They have both been tested repeatedly for useful mining opportunities. There's an in-system joke about the prospectors who show up convinced that they have deduced the Actual Get-Rich-Quick Opportunity. If someone calls you a Woldian, no matter how politely, they're trying to hint that you have a foolish plan.
Azeon and Oruta are the two big gas giants in this system. Azeon's moons are all planetoid-sized ice chunks, which I guess is exciting for all sorts of science reasons, but they are not water ice and they have a lot of contaminants. So the big question to throw into one of these conversations is, how did these ice balls form with so much peppering in the first place?
Yaccarvis, the outermost orbiting body, is an ice-covered rock that hosts several communications booster arrays and an emergency dock for damaged ships. It is mostly made out of parts from the starship battle wreckage that make navigation to and from this system a bit nervy.
- database entry updated Datunda
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