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Adepta Sororitas

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 32.0 "Fire and Thunder"; adapted from Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop
A thousand thanks to the authors of the Warhammer 40K Wikia article on the Adepta Sororitas, who made all the sense contained in our adaptation.

Described by some as a splinter group from the Bene Gesserit order, these are heavily-armed and heavily-armored women with a strident religious vocation to “cleanse the unclean”. Definitions of “unclean” are not specifically forthcoming, unless one is satisfied with the recursive definition, “the unclean is what the Sisters just eradicated”. Fortunately, Eleni Benacor speaks their lingo pretty fluently.


So does Yeager Lexics, more and more every standard week.


Organized much like a military, which the Adepta Sororitas originally was, the entire religious order is neatly divided into discrete units. The Abbess Sanctorum is in charge; her two "lieutenant general" equivalents are ranked as Prioress; each Prioress is served by several Cannoness Superiors; in each Cannoness Superior's Order are several Canoness-Preceptors, who in turn rely on various Canoness Commanders, who receive reports from Palatines, who oversee Sister Superiors, who supervise the Sisters in day-to-day tasks.

There are two Convents: the Convent Sanctorum and the Convent Prioris
Jenna Martovich is currently Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum. She does not directly command the Order of the Bloody Rose because she is busy being Empress of the Galactic Empire.

Each Convent is comprised of several Orders. Some Orders may exist in both Convents, unified in purpose but applied to different regions of the galaxy; in those cases, authority always resides on one's Convent before one's Order.


Abbess Sanctorum: Eleni Benacor


- Prioress: overall leader of a single Convent. May also directly command a Preceptory.


-- Canoness Superior: leads the entire Order

  • Canononess-Preceptor: leads an entire Preceptory (unless it's one of the two Preceptories directly under the command of the two Prioresses) which may contain up to 1000 Sisters
  • Canoness Commander: leads a Commandry, which may be comprised of detachments from several Orders Militant, up to 200 Sisters in total ; Mera Dal is a Canoness Commander in the Tapani Sector who specializes in purging Reaver infestations. When she first encountered the adventuring party in the Shards of Honor campaign, she was a Sister Superior.
  • Palatine: highly experienced and capable officer, often leads a specific Mission.
  • Sister Superior: supervise the basic rank Battle Sisters in their day-to-day activities.
  • ------- Battle-Sister: has completed her training, taken her vows, and received her armament and armor.


    At the end of the Clone Wars, Order 66 was issued by then Emperor Palpatine as he formed the Galactic Empire out of the old Galactic Republic.


    In response, Jedi were hunted across the galaxy as their own Clone Trooper units turned against them, due to an organic control chip that had been surgically implanted by Kaminoan scientists.


    During this time, the more politically-minded or power hungry of the great noble houses took advantage of the order. Striking fast, they lashed out at other Force orders that had stood in their way for some time. In the Tapani Sector, that was the Bene Gesserit order.


    The Bene Gesserit didn't go quietly, however and they were only reduced in number, not purged. Some of their number saw this as a lesson from the Force, others saw it as punishment for lapsing into the temptation of 'politics' and similar vices. This latter group struck out on their own.


    Taking a hard stand on the world of Geidi Prime, they assaulted the ruling house there, House Vorharkonnen, and rallied the locals to their cause. The fighting was fierce, with House Vorharkonnen deploying its own personal battalions of B2 Super Battle Droids. In the result, the newly dubbed "Battle-Sisters" defeated House Vorharkonnen and decimated every droid in existence on the world.


    A response was quick from the Galactic Empire and allied Houses. None survived initial encounter with the Battle-Sisters after a six month attempt to invade the world. In the end, Palpatine, called an end to the hostilities, declaring the "Sisters of the Steel Rose" exempt from Order 66. But the Galactic Empire did place countermeasures to keep the Sisters in check. These lasted until near the end of the Galactic Civil War.


    The results of those initial battles on Geidi Prime, was proof enough for the Battle-Sisters that they were on the right path at last. They felt redeemed and were content to bide their time until they could return to the galaxy at large to begin their great work for the Force.

    Divine Origins

    It's believed by many scholars that the Battle-Sisters, or Sisters of the Steel Rose, are a splinter group of the Bene Gesserit. The split is thought to have happened during the time when the Galactic Empire was formed and the Great Jedi Purge took place at the end of the Clone Wars.

    Tenets of Faith

    • Be vigilant, and safeguard the Will and the Way of the Force.
    • Stand watchful, and if any Unclean sign of the Dark Side appears, it shall be purged with Word or Fire.
    • Be the burning shield against the temptations and corruption of the Dark Side.
    • Strive to heal and protect those in Force, through life the Force will grow and guide the galaxy.
    • Learn and become skillful, using such skills as sharper weapons against the Ruinous threat of the Dark Side

    Lay low the twisted; lift up the hearts of the righteous

    Religious, Sect
    Alternative Names
    Sisters of Battle, Sisters of the Steel Rose
    Battle-Sister / Sister
    Manufactured Items


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