Star wars: shards The Tilles Raider Chase

The Tilles Raider Chase

Military: Skirmish

29/5 15:00

The recent attack from Tilles Clan pirate forces was a cover action, a distraction instigated by the Chalcedon Trade Guild to provent Baize Clan interference. Small local farmers have been kidnapped for enslavement.   If General Kerplocken's friends move fast, those people can be rescued before something horrendous happens -- something like the implantation of the Vindrizi symbiotes!

Episode 3.08, Kanter's War, Chapter 4
Plot | Mar 19, 2022

Before they can attack the pirate drop ship and tear it down for leads, details arrive in a message for Jedi So'zen Al Saba. Meanwhile, Vanya and Reese learn crucial information about Tilles true goals and the mysterious obelisks of Chalcedon.

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