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Nalerine Kanter

Outlaw tech with a fondness for vehicles

Mayor of Chalcedon | Portmistress of Port Etmar Nalerine Kanter (a.k.a. Nallie)

Nalerine is human with bright chestnut eyes and an almost perpetual smile that seems made to smirk.


Strong, lithe with a lightning fast mind, her biggest liability is her height. At 5 foot 5, most other beings that are average humanoid height or taller have a bad habit of overlooking her, or looking down on her.


They do so at their own risk.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nalerine was born aboard a mining clan cruiser and has been a spacer ever since. She took to tech like breathing atmosphere and has always had a knack for fixing things.
She spent many years working with a group of outlaw techs that did contract work for Hutt clans and the Galactic Empire. A few years before the Empire's leadership changed hands, Nalerine settled on Chalcedon.
There she kept up her work, fixing vehicles of all kinds when she wasn't designing new parts or ships for paying customers.
She stayed in Port Nevermore, the closest to a ‘free' settlement as any on Chalcedon, until the Battle of Port Etmar.
When the dust settled, she left her Port Nevermore shop in the hands of another tech she had been training and struck out for Port Etmar in the settlement's new location. There she set up a second repair shop to expand her fledgling tech business.
The problems started to roll in when one of those out-of-system types from the Battle -- a reasonable sounding yet somehow exasperated-looking woman named Ysadora -- addressed her as "Portmistress". Right on the heels, apparently, of having referred to Nalerine in a conversation with some other party as "Portmistress of Port Etmar". Nalerine knew darned well that she was no "portmistress"!
And yet.
Ysadora did have a solid point as to how Starport Authority was going to want to write up something about that big green rift in high orbit around Chalcedon. And Ysadora did, yes, also have a solid point when she said Starport Authority would damned well be treating somebody like they were the ones making responsible choices about who could park at the "spaceport" for Port Etmar. And, okay yes sure: the "spaceport" back over at Port Nevermore consisted of that big flat quartzite expanse out not too far from her parts yard, that she sometimes has young people sweep clean after a storm in partial payment for some mechanical bit or bob they want. So in a very pragmatic sense, she oversees community upkeep of the Nevermore port, which means she has some say in who gets to stay parked there. Not a lot of say! But she earns the right to comment, sure.
And maybe the other options really were mostly pirates and flight risks.
But . . . Portmistress!
Nalerine had not even really wrapped her mind around that idea when the Freedworlds Republic got formed as a government for Chalcedon, for Monorik and all of its moons, for the whole Chalcedon system (plus maybe even a little more!), with her out on the sharp pointy end of it.
Current Location
chestnut brown
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Naya Rivera could be a good starting point?


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