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Mentis System

VNY's notes:

Welcome to a long-established, heavily documented star system in Barnaba Province which can only be visited if the navigator can solve some moderate Calculus first.
Mentis System was long thought to be the lone stop after the end of Cor Lane. Actually legitimate traffic would travel all the way through Cor System III before retrieving the current "passcode" equations from the navbuoy and solving them for Clear Route Through Denser Portion of Nebula.
Other traffic, what some describe complete with extremity gestures as "legitimate" traffic, got their own set of calculations to make from a quiet navbuoy orbiting the Sybay System primary exactly opposite Sybay-the-planet. Or maybe they got their data in the Gambler's Run hyperlane after they had already left the safe space of New Shella System.
Or maybe the navigators merely hoped that the older navigational data they'd collected would be close enough to current conditions.

Includes: a through-traffic Starport at one of the inner orbits, which is not exactly convenient or welcoming; the Mentat homeworld, eponymous Mentis, featuring city streets laid out in geometric and fractal patterns, space elevators between major points on the surface and key orbital points; and lately a Dawn Star in frequent orbit.

- database entry updated Atunda
6 Kelona


  • Primary: Neani, an A1 V White Main Sequence star
  • Mao 7C0: a rock planet, no atmosphere; 2 moons
  • Malkovik C210403-B: colonized but unterraformed world with trace atmosphere and starport
  • Drichi JR6: a rock planet, no atmosphere; no moons
  • Trillon E9DS: a rock planet, no atmosphere; no moons
  • Mentis: settled and terraformed planet, home of Mentat civilization; orbiting platforms, repurposed original satellite, Dawn Star all in geosynchronous orbits
  • Gion 5W: ice planet; 2 moons
  • Thuna U4G5: ice planet; no moons
  • Churn 669N: Jovian gas giant planet; 14 large moons

Recent History

During the latter half of the mission set known collectively as "Dark Clouds Rising", as the Death Star swooped in to establish Palpatine's idea of "order" on the system, a rather large chunk of asteroid just happened to go flying into the exact point in space about to be occupied by the Death Star's hyperdrive.
Which, frankly, proved how wonderful safety measures are by only blowing itself up and not the entire vessel.
It now has enough maneuverability to toodle around the system, checking terraformed mining stations and potential smuggler (or Reaver) incursion points when it's not looming "intimidatingly" over the home of the best-educated, most energetic, most explosion-fixated society in the entire galaxy.
- database entry updated Katunda
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Thanks to donjon's Traveller System Generator for the system and for the inner starport;
to Tepcat for our starport's name;
and to Fantasy Name Generator's planet name subsite for the names on our unsettled worlds


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