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Dawn Star

During the latter half of the mission set known as "Dark Clouds Rising", as the Death Star swooped in to establish Palpatine's idea of "order" on the system, a rather large chunk of asteroid just happened to go flying into the exact point in space about to be occupied by the Death Star's hyperdrive. Which, frankly, proved how wonderful safety measures are by only blowing itself up and not the entire vessel.
Over the months of Yelona and Relona in the Tapani calendar year 12726, the Death Star was refurbished into a portable water-based arcology for amphibious and aqueous sentients, plus some fun people in the Procopian Defense Force, and is a peaceful emissary of the Imperial Government. In subspace, it has enough maneuverability to toodle around the Mentis System, checking terraformed mining stations and potential smuggler (or Reaver) incursion points when it's not orbiting happily over the home of the best-educated, most energetic, most explosion-fixated society in the entire galaxy.

Weapons & Armament

Does it have weapons? Go ask the Lord Solicitor of Barnaba Province.

Armor and defense

Does it have combat-grade shielding? Of course. It's a Tapani major structure.
Owning Organization
Current location
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