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Death Star

Ain't Disney Planet, either!

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 17.0 "Dark Clouds Rising"
Last appearance: Shards of Honor 33.0 "Pitch Dark"

VNY's notes:

It's big, it's roughly spherical, and it's hyperspace-capable. Apparently houses the equivalent of a regional capital city within its surface. If I gather correctly, Danar wanted to kill everybody aboard and claim it for the Tapani Imperium, while Lod and Yeager just wanted – STILL just want – to take it for a joyride.
- database entry updated Datunda
9 Welona
UPDATE: Emperor Gregor turned it into a water-based arcology named the Dawn Star. So, uh, there's that. I dunno what its current defensive complement may be. Too busy lately to go look. Maybe Danar knows?
- database entry updated Satunda
28 Relona
Owning Organization


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