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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 3.0 "The Sleeper Awakens"

The Mentat homeworld, featuring city streets laid out in geometric and fractal patterns, space elevators between major points on the surface and key orbital points.



VNY's notes:

It's beautiful, honestly.
You don't typically hear a Mentat talk about aesthetics, but that does not mean they don't care about aesthetics. Oh, they might say "elegant" and "efficient" and "intricate" the way a clothing designer says "exciting" and "trendsetting" and "innovative"; you have to listen to the resonances, the way they value those terms. A Mentat believes that a designed thing should be of interest to all the senses at every moment of interaction, without being overwhelming. When you travel from your starship berth on an orbital platform down the length of the space elevator to the planet surface, you are making a very simple trip (via some of the best transportation technology in the entire galaxy) where your view is delightful at any given minute -- and different from the view five minutes ago, not just because of weather but because the way everything is laid out changes. The sounds being piped through the intercom change. Species who rely more on their olfactory systems tell me that the scents gradually change to complement the parts of the civilization below that are most clearly observed.
Don't get me wrong: I had some very sharp notes on redundant security systems for passengers' well-being in the event of military-grade hijinx. But that was an out-of-the-ordinary experience anyhow.
It's a beautiful planet. The Golden Mean and the Mandelbrot set are everywhere.Areas are precisely devoted to specific functions {nature reserve / agriculture / residential / manufacturing / religion / research / computation / education} without overt confinement or regulation.
Gravity's a little high, about 1.15 standard or maybe 1.2, but the average traveler won't have too much trouble.
It also tends to be a tad cold compared to your standard artificial environment. Pack long sleeves and an extra outer layer.
- database entry updated Katunda
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Thanks to donjon's World Generator for our world map of a much less sandy origin world for our version of Mentats.

Cover image: Mentis by donjon


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