The Sleeper Awakens

Diplomatic action

Datunda, Winter Fete, 12720 - Atunda, 1 Elona, 12721

A gala wedding will soon be held between the young heirs of two recently warring Houses. Everyone who's anyone will be there -- including a Reverend Mother from the Order of the Bene Gesserit, and Darth Feyd.

  • First campaign appearance of several pirate gangs, particularly the Medusas; the Fortune Hunters; and the Black Hats
  • First campaign appearance of Vance Kerplocken
  • Yyyyooooo.
    Danar Vorpadaran, doing his best Surfer Boi impression in a bar full of extremely drunken dangerous pirate women, while thrusting forward his fist with one thumb pointed upward
  • First campaign appearance of an Aw'akeen, though we did not hear that term at the time
  • Grand Moff Vican Trell, Galactic Empire appointed regent in charge of the Tapani Sector, was not present but sent a congratulatory message. And also sent Darth Feyd to preside over the ceremony.
  • Victor Vorkerellin is the groom-to-be
  • Mira Vorzaz is the bride-to-be and possibly an honorary Medusa by the time of the ceremony
  • Emile Vorkerellin was the father of the groom, and a lot more besides.
  • Chakan Vorzaz is not patriarch of the bride's family but is high enough ranked to get a prominent invitation on the bride's side of the ceremony
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