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Vance Kerplocken

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 3.0 "Revenge of the Slave Lords"

Captain Vance Kerplocken (a.k.a. Scourge of the Spaceways)

The stories of "Vance Kerplocken" have really taken off across the Tapani Sector. I mean, I was there the first time that name was spoken, and I liked the guy okay. But now everyone with a criminal bent seems to either dread running into him, want to be him, or want to smooch him! Sorting fact from fiction seems to be about 90% "fiction", of the kind lounge lizards tell each other about themselves.


And yet.


I've seen a few things that Vance Kerplocken has pulled off. I have to admit, he can come up with some wins.


But, just between you and me, I have more admiration for Lord Danar Vorpadaran.

— VNY's DataPADD

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There's a bounty on Vance well over ONE MILLION CREDITS. Nobody is going for it, not even Boba Fett!

Accomplishments & Achievements

I heard he was the "Boytoy of Honor" at the Medusas' impromptu Bachelorette Party for Mira Vorzaz back on Independence Day. Hung on the entire night, no matter what drinks got passed around, no matter who was driving which boosted airspeeder.
Finished the grand adventure, no signs of a hangover (maybe he was still drunk! some of the Medusas still were!) by facing down against Darth Feyd across the wedding chapel while the Mentat of House Vorpadaran handed a stormtrooper helmet and a microphone to Reverend Mother Reena Weiscz of the Bene Gesserit.
I heard that when the Rev spoke into the helmet, slamming the Voice into the Public Address broadcast system for the entire University, Vance Kerplocken was one of only three men who did not immediately drop to one knee! When the dust and rubble cleared, he was still there, blaster in hand!
Man, if you knew half the stuff he got into during the Long Night, you'd just hand over your valuable and step out of his way.
I heard Vance Kerplocken recently branched out from the Tapani Sector. Word is, he might be looking to fill out a new crew!


Contacts & Relations

"Ara Tereck" is Vance's right-hand woman. She's a mute! Suffered a podracing accident, you see. Don't poke her about it, she'll take you apart without breaking a sweat. She is the chief legbreaker on Vance's crew. Last I heard, she had an 800K credit bounty on her head; but that was during the Long Night. If she's still alive, I'm sure it is higher.


"Mirax Velar" is Vance's renegade assassin. Trained by the Galactic Empire back in the bad old days; a top assassin for Palpatine himself. She wears Jedi robes in mockery of the order. Because most targets are dull and interesting for Mirax, she likes to stun them and hunt them down later. Last I heard, she had an 800K credit bounty on her head; but that was during the Long Night. If she's still alive, I'm sure it is higher.



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