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Episode 3.07: Chapter 10: Breadcrumbs and Battle Droids

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Episode 3.07: Chapter 10: Breadcrumbs and Battle Droids


The message about the Eborrean invasion reached Procopia as the TAPANI IMPERIUM medical frigate, TRINITY, prepared for the jump to hyperspace. Her course was for the CHALCEDON system with a supply of vaccines against Tor Ceti mutagens. However, her departure was cut short as the new message was relayed to GRAND ADMIRAL ANGELO VORD'ARCY of the ALLIANCE OF WORLDS


D'Arcy was already embroiled with the unexpected arrival of an ancient Aw'akeen station - the CHENTAVARI PLEX - into the Tapani Sector. However, this new information from Kal Holst changed everything.


And then... so did D’Arcy. The Slave Lords and the Eborreans had just earned legendary admiral's undivided attention.


Eight standard hours, later the Trinity jumped to hyperspace with a hastily assembled flotilla as an escort. This group was a small part of the galaxy's first intergalactic task force. A historic effort brought about by Angelo D'Arcy with the help of Miles Vorkosigan and Tsu Vorboccioni. Forces from the Alliance of Worlds, Tapani Imperium, New Mandalore, Galactic Star Empire and more were on the move. A galaxy once divided, now stood together.


Meanwhile, in backwater systems of the Mid-Rim, Core Worlds, Colonies, and Outer Rim, corvettes from the Hutt "SLAVE LORDS" met with small fleets of concealed ships. Black, spider-like craft with the largest the size of Star Destroyers, the Eborrean insertion fleets came alive. Surprised by Kal Holst's message, the Slave Lord - Eborrean alliance reacted swiftly. They attacked weaker systems and shipping lanes in a mad dash to take slaves, all to fill their own forces. All the while, the rogue Mentat ALMON D'JOY counseled the fleet commanders on what move to make next.


While the galaxy rose together against this new threat, the heroes' shuttle arrives in the orbit around the gas giant Kiskua in the same system as Nar Shaddaa. The heroes open a communication channel to an old bulk transport freighter crewed by Jawas.


They hope to negotiate before the Jawas can strip the heroes original ship, the Kylo's Star, floating adrift near a long-abandoned Separatist base...



Messages have been sent to Simon Tam and to the major governments of the Galaxy warning them of the Eborrean threat. Now the heroes face a new challenge!


But there are loose ends to wrap up...

  • Almon D'joy has taken captive Ivan Vorpatril, Jem Vandos, Genog Druqod, and Talow Kit'Sedda ... where did he take them? Why did he take them? What are his plans for them?
  • How will the heroes get back their ship, the Kylo's Star from the Jawas? and what of the heroes' droids? There's been no word from them, where did they go? Have the Jawas already broken them down for parts?


    ... last, there is the fact that supposedly one ship is already on its way to Chalcedon system with a shipment of Tor Ceti creatures. Also, Danar - as Vance Kerplocken - is expected to make a future appearance alongside Chancellor Nalerine Kanter and greet Emperor Gregor Vortapani ... a man Danar works for and knows personally.


    And what of Zaye and her two children, the adopted noghri daughter and grandchildren of Grakkus the Hutt? All of whom happens to be on Chalcedon this very moment. Will Danar honor the noghri bond he has with her as "Vance Kerplocken" ... or not?



  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba
  • Alliance of Worlds Captain Aerena Kolene
  • Tapani Imperium agent, Danar Vorpadaran (in one of his many cover identities)
  • Crimson Knight Sir Davish Tam
  • Sabine Tri'elle, exiled leader of the Shalent Aw'akeen.

  • Allies

  • Kal Holst ( field technician and slicer ), former Bloodsmith Raider. His anger and rage over his past lead him to the Bloodsmith Raiders. However, Jedi Knight VN Ysadora showed him there was another way. Now with silicon antibodies from Sabine Tri'elle freeing him from Almon D'Joy's influence, the young man has made his choice: to work with the heroes and the Aw'akeen exiled leader to stop the Slave Lords and the Eborrean threat.
  • Hicks. A male Clone Trooper of the now infamous 257th Clone Detachment that survived over 30 years in stasis.

  • Adversaries

  • Bloodsmith Raiders. One of the most fanatical pirate organizations in the galaxy that are obsessed with wiping out the coming threat of an Eborrean from Wild Space. They will use any means, any method necessary to accomplish this goal. No matter how high, or lethal, the cost.
  • Almon D'Joy, rogue Mentat and Dark Side practitioner. A brilliant, mad, genius who sought to overthrow the Tapani Imperium for his own gains. Now he has new, mysterious plans in motion that could cost billions of lives, all for his own personal gain.
  • Piotr Sparaval, a male human who works with Almon D'Joy for his own plans. The smuggler-pirate maintains his own batch of cybernetically linked clones, effectively making him both near-immortal and an 'army of one'. He bears a grudge against the heroes that they have yet to understand.
  • Madalitso Cardea, a male human working for the Crimson Nova bounty hunter guild. The heroes raided the Crimson Nova and ruined their contracts with the Slave Lords. The guild now wants their blood as repayment. Madalitso looks to take on that bounty.
  • Nassha Tomesta, bounty hunter working for Almon D'Joy. What is her stake in all this? Is it only credits?

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