Malkovik is a Class C (Routine) starport built into the surface of the planet Malkovik. Entry is through beehive-style hexagonal entries built into sheer cliffs (which are coated in a synthetic resin of proprietary Mentat design, to prevent erosion and improve insulation). Chambers of the starbase are connected via triple-layered tunnels which can be independently sealed off to control the spread of any potential hazard. Filtered natural light is carried to the chambers from the surface via optical cables, but a backup system of embedded bioluminescent algae is present in the layer between the second and third outer walls of each tunnel and chamber.
Do not wander off from your starship's berth. No map is available. Mentats traveling to Malkovik already know the mathematical formula by which the entire starport is laid out, plus the molecular design on which the areas relevant to their stay are modeled. The consensus seems to be that anyone who can't grasp these "very simple" designs without assistance should not be wandering around outside a kindergarten anyhow.

Purpose / Function

Starport type C: Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base is present.


Starport size: 2 (approximately 2000 miles / 3220 kilometers)


Population: varies, usually in the tens of thousands range
  • maintenance staff for starport facilities
  • operators for stellar observation system
  • starcraft repair cooperative
  • fuel harvesters (unrefined fuel only)
  • experimental hydroponics team
  • assorted Hypothesist or Simulationist Mentats currently on hermitage to work on their respective graduate projects

Special Properties

Weapons of strictly military nature are prohibited.


This starport may be open to through traffic, but its available fuel stores are unrefined only.


No legal enforcement is present.
It is very easy for the locals to cut off any areas of trouble, not just from access to the rest of the starport, but also from access to breathable air or non-solid spaces in which to move. Furthermore, this starport is on a planet orbiting between the system primary and the settled world of Mentis; and if you don't think a society full of mathematicians can make that kind of shot, you're kidding yourself.
Don't start none; won't be none.

Alternative Names
Malkovik C210403-B
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
  • Trace atmosphere, requires use of a vacc suit
  • No free-standing water
  • Surface temperature is extremely high, and radiation levels are also high, due to thin atmosphere and proximity to the system primary. Stay underground when possible. Wear a properly shielded and polarized suit when traveling on the surface; limit surface time to three standard hours or less.

Cover image: Malkovik_planet by donjon


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