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Cor Lane

VNY's notes:

Welcome to Cor Lane, a mostly-touristy hyperlane between Mentis System and the Barnaba Province's eponymous capital Barnaba System. By rights, Mentis should have always been included as part of Cor Lane, but they flatly refused.
Possibly because they always knew about the "Freeworlds Arm" of Gambler's Run and their place in it.
Possibly even because -- this is my hypothesis, you understand, and I will never have enough evidence to prove or disprove it, I am simply not that smart -- the Mentats were the ones who deduced and marked the hazardous hyperspace route of the entire Gambler's Run in the first place. I think some Mentats decided long ago that they wanted a route away from Barnaba Province that was quicker and involved less expense.
Of course, once Cor Lane turned out to be the most stable portion of Venn Run, non-local traffic (and the presence of stationary facilities to support same) went up significantly.

Purpose / Function

Cor Lane consists of four stops: Crella System, Cor System I, Cor System II, and Cor System III.

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