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Venn Run

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The Venn Run's transit through Tapani Sector begins somewhere on the Rimma Trade Route. Following a convoluted hyperspace route now publicly marked as the Danju Passage, it passes through the Geric Nebula to arrive at Danju System and from there continues onward to Tamber System.   Here it shadows the Shapani Bypass a short distance to the extreme edge of Lamuir System, where it diverts to Lynx System.   After some time in difficult space strewn with gravitic eddies, the Venn Run lands at New Shella where it alternately loops around or adopts the Freeworlds Arm of Gambler's Run until joining up to Cor Lane.   At the Barnaba System intersection with the Vorgarin Route, it passes deep into Melantha Province and therefore into the edges of Shindra's Veil.   At Soterios System, well above the orbital plane of the desert world around its primary, the Venn Run arrives and transits through an outer section of the system for approximately two standard hours at normal realspace cruising speed. When it engages hyperdrive again, it may have reached the most distant detection range for the navbuoys which mark the clear route toward Rellio System.   For centuries, Rellio has been a stopping point with only one known exit route through Shindra's Veil, leading to a somewhat insular local culture that makes most of its interstellar connection through the nebula research projects it hosts. Indeed many questions have been raised in academic circles as to how so many university-funded projects could have failed to detect a convoy of eleven vessels ranging in size from freighter up through star destroyer each time they arrived, transited across a quarter of the system, paused to take several readings of the nearby nebulae, and finally departed en masse with their prows aimed toward the statistical heart of Shindra's Veil.
Did they miss this?
Did they indeed?
Many past research groups are now being questioned severely: did they falsify data to cover for the Ghost Fleet every three years? If so, what did they believe themselves to be concealing?
  The most dangerous portion of Venn Run within the Tapani Sector is this twisting loop through a volatile nebula. No accredited astrocartographer believes it is possible to clear this segment of the journey enough for navbuoy route seeding. Bureau of Ships and Services has rejected any possibility of rescue efforts should a vessel attempt this section of the course, regardless of passengers or other considerations. Ithorian Worldships will not even discuss the region in hypothetical terms. All travelers, regardless of equipment or competency level, are advised in the strongest possible terms to restrict themselves to the Vorgarin Route from Barnaba System through Bilios System, transfer to Shindra Lane and continue through Cauper System (where the Venn run rejoins established hyperlanes) toward a final destination of Lupani System.   At Lupani System, the Venn Run again deviates from established safe travel to head through the ancient nebula surrounding Tapani Sector. Lucky travelers with extremely durable equipment may next enter realspace within the Corellian Hegemony, a subregion of the Inner Rim.  


Published in the middle of Telona 12728 without approval from the Tapani Imperium regional offices of Bureau of Ships and Services, this dangerous hyperlane is in fact a series of segments from other hyperspace routes connected by exceedingly risky diversions through unmarked space. In totality it forms a recursive loop that ranges from Mid-Rim through Outer Rim and Unknown Regions. Comparatively few of its positions are located in "safe", low-hazard areas regardless of whether civilized settlements may be within resupply range.   The ship convoy of Clan Venn followed this route for over 30 standard years. Each loop took roughly 3 standard years to complete, leaving in its wake rumors of a "Ghost Fleet" which appeared with no warning in remote regions, remained for a specific amount of time, then jumped back to hyperspace.   Hypotheses that this route was known to the Grand Army of the Republic do not hold up well to scrutiny. If then-Emperor Palpatine had known the existence of a secret route into the Tapani Sector no matter how dangerous, he would have ordered shock troops sent in to pacify the Imperium nationalists during The Long Night. He would have used this route to resupply his own forces and to relocate valuable resources back to Corellia as well.
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