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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 19.0 "Mission of Mercy"


Holopedia Galactica entry:

Falkin is the major natural moon of Procopia. Its lovely golden hue comes from the sulfur dioxide snowfields which coat the surface. Its gravity is approximately two tenths of standard for most terrestrial worlds across the galaxy. It has a very thin, acidic atmosphere when in direct sunlight, but the atmosphere freezes and collapses when in Procopia's shadow.
Near its poles and around its equator, Falkin hosts many permanent installations of sensor arrays and signal boosters, helping Procopia System function as the central hub of the Tapani Imperium.
- database entry updated Atunda
16 Melona

VNY's notes:

It's an open secret that Falkin hosts at least two military bases, half-buried under the poles of rotational axis. (They are, for some reason, very attached to that specific phrase for this specific planetoid. Must be some historical thing I have yet to dig up.) Another open secret is that either the Ministry of Information or else Imperial Security has their own base up there -- that, in fact, the headquarters on-planet is supposedly only for show, where the one on Falkin is the "real" Weasel Central.
And by "open secret", I mean it's one of those things that "everyone knows" regardless of the existence/dearth of observational evidence to back any of this up.
I will say that if you fly in and ask to visit the military base, someone at the Bureau of Ships will promptly direct you to a docking bay on Falkin. You can pay your admission fee and get a tour. If you are smart, you notice that all of the people around you are either fresh-faced recent graduates of Basic Training/Officer School, or else genial-but-weary old campaigners who are finishing out their last few months of service before retirement. But then, if you were smart, you did not waste your own time with all of this in the first place.
Nice folks, though!
- database entry updated Satunda
33 Selona
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