Star wars: shards Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy

Life, Milestone


Three months later, a third of the Tapani Sector -- half of House Vorbarnaba's territory -- is under Galactic Imperial control. The Tapani only have the direct route to the Core. Barnaba Province has only 3 planets.


Procopia Province is part of the front line.


Rebel Captain Ganzareg Tinar, flying a reconnaissance mission in GalImp-controlled Vorbarnaba space, crashed on a strategically unimportant jungle planet. Tapani Ministry of Information sends a team to the rescue based on Regent Aral Vorkosigan's recommendation -- apparently suggested by his son "Mad Miles" Vorkosigan.


Never did figure out what kind of lizard, exactly, Kogira is.


I also half-suspect Count Vorboccioni is going to rename the heat-loving thing, which adopted him pretty enthusiastically while we were camping.

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