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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 2.0 "The Ties That Bind"


VNY's notes:

Capital world of the Tapani Imperium. Mostly warm oceans, with people on any islands not near a polar extremity; rainy winters, mild the rest of the time.
One mid-sized continent named Davla on southern pole, essentially unliveable between gale-force frozen winds and hundreds of active volcanoes trying to flash-fry the place. In the summer, Vor and visiting politicians with especially low brain-to-ambition ratios will visit the northernmost shore to "hunt and fish" (read "plot and act like teenagers in a popularity contest"). And Master Skywalker likes to go lightflyer sailing near the cliffs and the smaller volcanic vents. He says it’s very soothing. Master Kenobi says Ani has an adrenaline problem. Master Skywalker says Ben spends too much time in his own head and not enough in his body.
The capital of the planet, and the seat of government, is Estalle Island. At the Bene Gesserit Temple on Estalle, there is a small spaceport reserved for Vor, upper echelons of government, and for the business of the Orange Catholic faith. All other traffic goes to the major commercial spaceport on Destato Island, or else the military spaceport on Kyril Island.
Any island large enough to hold a city probably does. The smaller islands, and the ones too geographically complex, are private preserves belonging to individual Vor families. Several of those private islands changed hands during the Long Dark due to the massive coordinated assassinations with which Darth Sidious announced his policy change. Any Vor who can still claim her Procopia Preserve has been handed down from several generations of her direct ancestors, is a fortunate woman indeed.
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