Coorimbus System


VNY's notes:

Last stop on Vorinnis Lane in Calipsa Province, supposedly NOT WORTH VISITING someone from House VorCalipsa always barks very sternly. However. Someone whoopsied in front of me today by mentioning a gas giant in the system that was scheduled for some replacement mining equipment.
I very much doubt that they are mining tibanna gas. People would be a lot more excited. And anyway, the equipment would look very different. Probably something nonflammable. Argon, maybe?
- database entry updated Katunda
22 Kelona
Star System
Location under
Owning Organization

You cannot get here from there.

More accurately: there is no hyperlane marked from Shifa System through the nebula to Coorimbus System. Travel to and from Coorimbus System requires a series of microjumps and high-level calculations. Coorimbus is not listed on any official database or catalog. Coorimbus is a state secret of House VorCalipsa, the protection of which does not stop short of condemning any unauthorized visitor to lifetime prison under an assumed name and trumped up charges.

Expect something to happen to anyone who -- like VN Ysadora almost does here -- expresses too strong an interest in the reality of Coorimbus System's existence.


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