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Caloria Run

Purpose / Function

This hyperlane is the only route to reach anyplace in Reena Province. It connects to the Procopian Shipping Lane at Reena System, at which point one can travel toward Tillo System and end at Tavitz System; or one can go the other way: Tanger System, a long stretch to Caloria System, and maybe that last almost-as-long jaunt coreward to Canti System.
Which last, I gather, almost no one ever does.
I have been told that the travel tariffs are low because they do not want to discourage what traffic does travel the Caloria Run in the first place. So how do they pay for the navbuoy maintenance, then?
Better question: did any of Palpatine's navbuoy-targeting hyperspace missiles wind up on Caloria Run in the first place? Now there is a potentially useful question! I should go find a Roughneck and ask if they have heard anything one way or another.
- database entry Natunda
5 Expansion Week
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