Canti System


VNY's notes:

Like everything else in Reena Province, you can get there on the Caloria Run which can only be reached by traveling the Procopian Shipping Lane all the way up to Reena System. Canti is at the most distant end of the Run, and looking at a Tapani Sector map makes me wonder if Canti used to be part of Calipsa Province, or if there's some intense gravitational trash in the area between Canti and Coorimbus System / Jinda System / Tanda System over on Mecetti's Leozi Route.
I'm not curious enough to go look, mind.
Everyone from the Reena Province tells me there's nothing in this system worth talking about. Apparently nothing happens there, nothing interesting is produced for export, it's all backwater hicks and a smidgen of mining concerns.
-database entry updated Datunda
19 Nelona
Star System
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