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Tillo System is an easy-to-navigate star system in Reena Province. From Province capitol Reena System, travelers on the Caloria Run aiming for Tavitz System pass through this point at the halfway point.
The system primary is Dagrún, a G9 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
The innermost orbiting planet is Uhtric, a bright yellow silicate planet with an extremely thin atmosphere subject to temperature extremes as the planet rotates. Due to the high sulfur content in the crust and a high percentage of cubic zirconia dust in the superheated atmosphere, Uhtric appears to be a glowing yellow light when the primary's light strikes it at an angle to the viewer.
Cubic zirconia is created under properly managed laboratory conditions. It does not occur naturally. How can Uhtric have so very much cubic zirconia present in its atmosphere on a macroscopic grain scale? Why did it not all vaporize or powder long ago? Why has it not formed zirconium disulfide on the sunny side of the planet?
Tillo is a typical terrestrial world that orbits Dagrún at the nearer edge of the optimal band for carbon-based life. Tillo has one moon, Eydís. Try the River Mustard Pavlova at Gazardiel's!
Vetle is another silicate planet, airless in this case, with no natural moon. Vetle is mostly a warm cinnamon color with many narrow channels cut into its surface from past meteorite showers.
The Kunibert Asteroid Belt has recently gained official interest as a profitable mining consideration. Some suggest -- quietly -- that this interest may have been inspired during the Civil Wars of the 12720s when certain factions built emergency storage and meeting spaces within the Kunibert Belt.
Orbiting far beyond the Kunibert Belt, Jovian planet Alfher has 46 small moons, all tidally locked to the planet. Of note among these moons, Baugulf is a large rock toward the outer edge of the group that has at least one shallow vein of terenthium.
A large, long-period comet known as Stigr travels through the system and has done so since before the Colonial Era began. Stigr crosses the orbital plane relatively close to Vetle's orbit, which almost certainly leaves the space dust that eventually rains upon Vetle's surface and creates that "furry" appearance.
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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system, and to Behind the Name for the epithets I applied.

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Fun fact: According to Behind the Name's scholars "Dagrún" translates to something we might interpret as "Tip of the Day".

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