Bethal System

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 30.0 "Thief of Dreams"


This Pelagia Province system was a very common stop on the Shapani Run for the Calipsa Province nobility heading to Capital Season at Procopia. Beats all the Vormecetti traffic delays around Nella and Estaph, right?
Bethal III and Bethal IV are both inhabited. The major cities throughout this star system have been bombed, their orbital defenses all but destroyed, and in general the whole place is a mess, but people do still live there, very stubbornly. I think there's a new Mentat "reconstruction colony" on Bethal III who regularly import glymph pie and its ingredients from out-system.
Bethal III primarily invested in manufacturing; Bethal IV, home of Bethal AgriCorp, mostly concentrated on agriculture -- although it has had some big trouble in the past 40 standard years with its apocia hardwood plantations. First there was the termite problem, which Imperial Moff Tennd was working on solving, but then came the Twilight bombings. I'm not sure if the apocia will ever recover – the species was already in trouble before the bombing, and it takes 200 standard years to grow to maturity.
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