Dendarii System


  • Primary: Tr'Isan, a G5 V yellow, main sequence star
  • Izanaki Asteroid Belt
  • Vashnoi, gas giant, has 2 large moons,17 small moons, 3 orbiting satellites or stations:
    * Dendarii, extremely large moon, mostly jungle environment
    * Aime, large moon, somewhat terraformed but still has a thin atmosphere and a very weak magnetic field. Mixed biomes but more likely to be dry, hard rock than anything else.
    * Starport Authority traffic control station, built and run according to SPA regulations even if not officially listed in any registry.
    * Tanery Base Shuttleport, dormant military station, stocked with fuel and terraforming supplies two hundred years ago in case House Vorpelagia is devastated down to ten percent of population and needs to flee the Tapani Sector.
  • Klyeuvi, ringed gas giant, 5 small moons
  • Csurii, medium ocean planet with water+ammonia seas, 1 moon
  • Knara, rock planet, very thin atmosphere
  • Freyeon asteroid belt
  • Manitou ice planet, 2 moons
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"Dendarii", "Vorkosigan Vashnoi", and related character names turned into place names "Tanery" and "Csurii" belong to the creative works of Lois McMaster Bujold and are used in homage. No infringement is intended or implied.
Our thanks to the kind folks at Vorkosigan Wiki for all their excellent organizational summaries, which we gently and gleefully converted to our setting.

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