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New Dendarii

backwater space station

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 21.0 "Come the Twilight"

VNY's notes:

Originally, under another name, nothing but a long-abandoned gas mining station, far off the normal travel paths through space. It shows signs of having previously been a stellar observatory, and an experiment station for scientists studying the unremarkable gas giant it orbits. When Pruneface and the Mentats screwed over each others’ “Final Solution” and completely borked the hyperspace navsats, the good guys hid here. Acting Fleet Admiral d'Arcy oversaw the station’s early expansion in lumps and wings, as more Tapani citizens and Rebel Alliance insurgents and pods of the 257th and frustrated pirate clans and Impsec operatives and basically everybody trickled in, with or without supplies.
Legally speaking, I’m not quite sure who (according to the Tapani government maps) owns New Dendarii at this time. It’s not exactly on the official map. The Imperial Tax Office doesn’t list it, which implies that it’s considered Gregor’s property directly; he doesn’t pay taxes, taxes are paid to him. Even in his person as “Count Vortapani”, he doesn’t pay taxes … but businesses and properties owned by others within his domain DO pay taxes, and therefore ARE listed. So who the hell do the businesses on New Dendarii pay taxes directly to? The Imperial Tax Office records don’t say, and neither do the business owners on-station. Even the accountant for the Beskar Aran, officially headquartered there, gave me a blank look on that one. Why the hell wouldn’t it belong to Danar Vorpaderan? It’s named after his glow-in-the-dark property.
- database entry updated Natunda
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Davish Tam research summary:

  • Originally started as a tibanna gas mining facility by the Mining Guild in a lone system off the hyperspace route between Obelia System and Pelagon System in Pelagia Province.
  • It was later abandoned towards the end of the Clone Wars due to shipping cost expense.
  • Standing idle, it saw only some traffic from the occasional smuggler or pirate band using it as a bolt hole against Tapani, Republic and later Imperial authorities.
  • During the Long Night, it saw use again as the new home of the Alliance, as refugees from the Imperial Scythe Missile barrage sought solace there.
  • Dubbed the 'Alamo' by many who lived and worked there, it was converted from small mining outpost to one of the most armed military stations in the Tapani Sector. (Which, perhaps, sounds much less impressive when one realizes how poorly armed most then-surviving military stations were.)
  • As the refugees and Alliance personnel began to remodel the station, it was the Ithorian engineer, Aaroom Taanfaar, who envisioned the station with an Ithorian flair. Using derelict ships too damaged to be of use, he fashioned new habitat 'zones' that served specific purposes aboard the station, such as a botanical zone, an industrial zone, and even an administrative zone that contained chambers for the Tapani Imperium to hold court. C2H6O
  • After Procopia System was freed from Galactic Empire control, political authority seeped away from "New Dendarii". It has not completely returned to obscurity, nor has more traditional law and civilization ever grown dominant.
- database entry updated Atunda
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C2H6O and nearly every one wound up with some oddly-shaped leftover space in it, which within days would be turned into another cantina. Pirates, man.
- VNY Productivity Day/12727
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