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Vorbataille Route

Emilius Vorbataille - often known in his day as "Bloody Puffwad Vorbaitalle" or "B.P. Vorbaitalle" - never saw a strange plant-like life form that he didn't immediately want to study. Like the plant called "Bloody Puffwad" native to the Achillea System, the theoretically human B.P. was described as "dark red and fuzzy" in complexion. Also like the plant, perpetually scruffy B.P. had the short-term hyperfocus and long-term distractibility of a diaspore. He hauled his "research collective" from barely-studied star system to barely-studied star system, leaving navigation beacons any time he found one planet with some kind of ecosystem and a marginally breathable atmosphere.


He was eventually crippled by some kind of sea-vine, and lived out his last 15 standard years as a Professor Emeritus at Mrlsst Planetary University, where he also turned out to have a gift of perfect visual and olfactory recall, if no ability to remember sequences of events long past or (for that matter) happening right in front of him.


The star systems on the Vorbataille Route were not discovered in the order of the current route. In fact, some systems had already been colonized by the time B.P. tumbled through. However, the hyperspace lanes he and his crew marked out were the most stable, efficient, and reliable ones ever to be programmed into a House Vorpelagia or, later, House VorCadriaan navigational database.


For the past few hundred years, the Vorbaitalle Route has one terminus at Achillea System, Cadriaan Province's only point on the Shapani Bypass before it exits the Tapani Sector. One can travel from there to Cesya System, then Listoria System, then Pavia System, up to Shapani System very close to the border of the Tapani Sector.


The Vorbaitalle Route continues on through Gilliana System and into Pelagon System, the central hub of Pelagia Province, where local people call it the "Shapani Run" instead of the "Vorbaitalle Route". Most cargo freighters will need to fill out more forms and get clearances from House Vorpelagia for transit on the Shapani Run. However, the Shapani Run is really this same route, heading up through Bethal System and terminating at Kamper System in Calipsa Province.

Alternative Names
Shapani Run
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