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Achillea System

Holopedia Galactica entry:


The Achillea system is the last stop on the Shapani Bypass before leaving the Tapani Sector en route to the Core. Within this system, the eponymous planet Achillea is one of the most important planets in Cadriaan Province. Herglics and humans live on this world of shallow seas and spacia plantations.


Cadriell is the capital of the planet Achillea, and therefore of the entire Cadriaan Province.


VNY's notes

I hear that the semi-tropical forests on the middle continent are gorgeous, but most folks live on the northern continent (where all the urban centers are) or maybe the little continent on the southern hemisphere (in which case, they're working on the spacia plantations).
I have no idea which VorCadriaan families claim ownership of this place nowadays. Historical record says the planet jumped into the Galactic Empire as soon as Palpatine's then-young government came sniffing around. I think that particular leadership are all long since gone, though.
Judging by reactions of those around, the sickest burn I ever overheard at a League of Tapani Freeworlds tariff-negotiation gala was that Sir So-and-So had so little sense of financial issues that he sent out to Achillea for toothpicks. Cue gasping and assorted dramatic gestures.
- database update on 7 Telona 12725


Holopedia Galactica entry:

The system primary is Cota, a G6 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
The closest orbiting body is Ismelia, an iron-core rock planet with no atmosphere. Ismelia is often depicted in Cadriaan Province artwork due to its its dramatic coloration, with a narrow band of bright yellow dividing the nearly brown shade of purple soil in the southern two-thirds of the planet from the vibrant crimson in and around Daisy Crater.
Next out in orbit is the Achillea Belt, an asteroid belt that has been picked completely clean of any useful planetoids for mining or other forms of manufacturing processes. What remains are poor-grade oxygen and silicon compounds.
Achillea, capital world of the Cadriaan Province, is a lush world with a wide tropical zone around its equator.
Fourth in orbit from the primary is Pentzia, a standard silicate planet with no atmosphere or moons.
Anthemis is the ice giant planet in the fifth orbit from the primary. Its cryosphere mostly consists of frozen oxygen. This has proven a great boon to the hyperspace travel industry, as many small VorCadriaan businesses have licenses to mine oxygen ice from this world for artificial environmental systems.
Otanthus, the outermost planet in the Achillea System, is an ice planet with two moons known as Otanto and Primula.

Natural Resources

spacia wood, solid oxygen
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Star System
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