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Pavia System

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 40.0 "Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared"

Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Pavia System is a stop on the Vorbataille Route within Cadriaan Province, between Shopani System and Gilliana System.
Pavia System traded in both botany and energy research - reactors for starships and genetic manipulation of plants for transport and farming on other planets. The cities were known for their beautiful combination of advanced technology with surrounding nature.
Unfortunately, beginning in 12720T, Pavia System has suffered increasing damage from the Galactic Civil Wars. Once The Long Night began, several desperate battles between Galactic Empire and Tapani Imperium resulted in the deaths of over two billion Pavia System inhabitants. The outer system is now choked with so much starship wreckage that most hyperlane travel avoids entering normal space at all.
Many have complained to the Alliance of Worlds of a general sense of unease in this system, not to mention the specific urgent need for logistical support in cleanup from the edges of the system all the way to the depths of the Pavia System forests. Pavia System is on the Alliance's list of recovery projects, but other systems are considered more critically in need of the limited resources now available. The planet is not excessively radioactive; the weather patterns are not growing more chaotic or inimitable; and realspace within the system is navigable, albeit with great caution.


The system primary is Pavia, a G0 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
Pavia I is a typical silicate crust rock planet. It has no natural moons but it does have two artificial moons, a pair of synchronized stellar energy collectors which were part of Pavia System's energy research program. The mechanisms of these collectors shut down automatically when they did not receive the dual input maintenance codes expected every ten rotations around the primary.
Pavia II is another typical silicate crust rock planet. It has a signal booster system for relaying instructions to the artificial moons of Pavia I, but this system has been damaged to the point that it will probably need to be replaced completely.
Pavia III is a terrestrial world with healthy oceans and forests of enormous trees despite the general devastation of the Long Night. Pre-Twilight archaeology studies believe that an "egg", an artifact from one of the earliest recorded holy wars, may have been buried on this planet nearly ten thousand local years ago -- possibly during the Butlerian Jihad.
A Mentat colony has been founded on this world, working to rebuild the planet into a "hub of research, enlightenment and knowledge."
Pavia III's local year is 190 standard days long.
Pavia IV is a rock planet with an unusually light core. The wreckage of crashed starships from one of the many Long Night conflicts is scattered across this planet. Studies have not yet determined what long-term effects will need to be marked in navigational data for this system.
Pavia V is an ice planet with an elliptical orbit that is slightly offset to the orbital plane shared by the inner worlds. It is orbited by two moons, one of which is deformed so much that amateur astrocartographers imagine that it was melted by a laser.
Pavia VI is, in fact, a T6 brown dwarf, not quite massive enough to sustain nuclear fusion of hydrogen but probably fusing deuterium. It emits strongly in the infrared and X-Ray segments of the light spectrum. It is orbited by a research station studying its gravitational contraction.


VNY's notes:

The Pavia VI research station was taken over by Nightsisters sometime before Helona 12728. They are using it as a base for raiding up and down the Vorbataille Route. Watch your sensors until someone has the resources to go clean them out!
This is stupid and might not help much, but have your system set up so any hails you get are answered by someone female-presenting. Do not answer hails directly in real time. If you can, have a protocol droid translate the incoming messages to another language and then back again, in case of subliminal harmonics.
- database entry updated Natunda
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