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Listoria System

Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Listoria System is a central stop on the Vorbataille Route within Cadriaan Province, between Cesya System and Pavia System.


The system primary is Lebesgue, a G7 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
The closest orbiting body is Folland, an iron-core rock planet with no atmosphere. It is tidally locked to the primary, making the side facing toward the star somewhat molten and therefore the entire planet is considered unstable.
Next out in orbit are Riemann, a volcanically active rock world with only a trace of atmosphere at any given time, and its moon Darboux. Mentat planetary astronomers have very exciting things to say about the relations between these two bodies in terms of geological makeup, rotations, revolutions, and volcanic frequency.
Listoria is the third planet in orbit. It once specialized in the design and manufacture of navigational buoys for hyperlane markers and for hyperspace exploration. It was disproportionately targeted by navbuoy missile attack on Katunda, 27 Selona, 12722. It is currently experiencing a small ice age while the new colonists work on reversing the damage.
Listoria has two moons, Kolmogorov and Burkill.
Fourth in orbit from the primary is Daniell, a standard silicate planet with no atmosphere or moons. Several manufacturing businesses once had foundries in atmospherically contained bases on Daniell, but these were abandoned during the Long Night and may now hide stashes for pirate clans which never returned.
Haar is the ice planet in the fifth orbit from the primary. Its cryosphere mostly consists of ammonia. Theories persist that small lakes of liquid ammonia or water exist on the planet, but none have been located.
Kurzweil, the outermost planet in the Listoria System, is an ice planet with a moon known as Henstock. The definitive treatise on this duo's molecular makeup, orbital dynamics, and likely origins was written by noted Mentat Almon D'Joy as his graduation term paper from Hypothesist to Generalist in 12712.
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