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space debris field

VNY's notes:

Located in Cadriaan Province somewhere along the Nista Run, it's a combination asteroid field (not much) and debris field (LOTS). Dead ships, discarded cargo, and other assorted junk float loose in this planetless system.
Smugglers like it because of the chaos. It's inconveniently located enough that almost nobody goes there.
Watch out for unstable and leaky cannisters. Nothing's marked with traffic flags or warning lights. The usual ghost stories abound.
- database entry updated Katunda
7 Telona


Smugglepedia entry:


This is a dual system that probably used to be 2 different systems. The big asteroid belt orbits Ijun about where the accretion disk would have been. The second belt is at about a twenty degree angle to the first, matching up better with Icha's angle of spin. Makes for some hefty explosions sometimes. - Allard "Brass" Stanley, Black Swans

You're ignorant. First, "Ijun" and "Icha" are not Cadriaan names. If you have to go with local flavor instead of stellar category numbers, try "Zao" and "Vorreb". Second, that's nowhere near twenty degrees, and you deserve to have your ship smashed if you calculate your route with that kind of imprecision. - Dustin 'Cabin Boy' Nash, Redmann's Gang
Excuse you, I'm an actual astrocartographer.
  • Allard "Brass" Stanley, Black Swans
  • Boys, boys, boys. You're both pretty!
    Brass, you got the names right:
    they are "Ijun" for the primary and "Icha" for the companion star.
    Cabin Boy, I'll give you points in that twenty-seven-point-three degrees is not the same as "twenty",
    but anybody who can read this entry ought to be able to take their own scans.
    Now: kiss and make up! - Kathy "Slick" Hampton, Medusa

    The system primary is an M0 V Red Dwarf.

    • Its radius is 2.43 x 105 km.
    • It masses approximately 3.97 x 1029 kg.
    • Its average temperature is 3400 K.
    • It has a typical luminosity of 1.27 x 1025 W

    The close companion star in this dual system is an M3 V Red Dwarf. It orbits the primary at a distance of 1.48 x 107 km

    • Its radius is 2.40 x 105 km.
    • It masses approximately 3.83 x 1029 kg.
    • Its average temperature is 3000 K.
    • It has a typical luminosity of 1.53 x 1025 W
    Parent Location

    Thanks to donjon's Star System Generator for the celestial bodies in this system.
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