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Nista Run

This is a remarkably straight two-hop hyperlane through a big chunk of Cadriaan Province and a wee bit of the Freeworlds Territory. The longer portion starts at Aleron System in the Freeworlds, second to last stop on the Shapani Bypass, and travels on a direct line through some otherwise unpleasant space to Nista System in Cadriaan. It takes about 13 standard days to traverse this portion at normal shipboard conditions.


Don't break down on that leg. The chances of someone altruistic answering a distress beacon between Aleron and Nista are not high; the chances of someone who thinks you're their personal antagonist, or a spy sent by same, now in their clutches and ready to pay through the air exchange organ of your species' choice for a box of scrapyard parts, those chances are only slightly higher. Most likely, you won't be found before your emergency supplies run out.


Which you'd think: it's a straight line! It's a lower-tariff route from the Shapani Bypass to three Provinces! How hard can it be to run across one distress beacon?


The answer is: any ship not actively traveling that straight line will soon drift off-course.


Fortunately, the much shorter leg from Nista System to Gilliana System, where they make fantastic cheese and charge Vor quadruple, is a comparatively normal hyperspace lane. Most ships can make it in 2 standard days or less, depending on gravity waves, and the navbuoys hardly ever get hacked any more.

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