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Shopani System

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 14.0 "Dark Dreams"

Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Shopani System is a stop on the Vorbataille Route within Cadriaan Province, between Pavia System and Gilliana System.
Note: Those who grew up in this system, particularly in families which have appeared on the Tapani Census since the Federal Era or earlier, pronounce a "sh" or "th" at the beginning of a word as a "h". Therefore any speaker who references the "HŌ pan nē {place name}" is likely to be a lifelong resident of this star system.


The system primary is Dagan, a G9 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
The innermost orbiting planet is Drún, a silicate planet with no atmosphere of its own. It is traditionally considered the herald of daybreak on settled worlds in this system.
Shopani is a settled world that mostly consists of oceans, with a network of floating cities tethered on the surface or floating at various depths. Shopani has two natural moons and several orbiting stations.
Torak Massif, a gas giant with sparse rings, also has 23 small moons, 3 large moons, and two moons large enough to be a very small terrestrial planet: Torak Fell and Torak Gleann.
It also has a complex, well-maintained system of solar mirror arrays to redirect sunlight to the two settled moons. These arrays have force field generators comparable to capital ship shields, which help protect them from debris. They also can fold their sail-style arrays into heavily armored compartments if Shopani Traffic Authority sounds an alarm.
Shafnest, a rock planet, has no atmosphere of its own but old mines on the planet have been converted into domed facilities for the primary starport of the system. Along with refueling and repair stations, many of these artificial environments are in use as leased warehouses.
Tandri is an ice planet whose methane seas under the ice crust have a tendency to spark in solar storms. Some of the resulting fires under the ice have lasted for months, and occasionally flared bright enough to be seen from Torak Gleann. Tandri has one moon, Teine, which is slightly radioactive due to old fuel dumping practices.
Tangi, the outermost planet in the system, is a more stable ice planet. Its irregular moons, Launung and Lydda, are rumored to hold a data trove of some sort -- the nature of the stored data varies by the town of the storyteller's origin.
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