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Torak Fell

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 14.0 "Dark Dreams"

Holopedia Galactica entry:


This small-planet-sized moon in orbit around gas giant Torak Massif is the Vorboccioni official manor of residence.


After the fall of the House of Vorboccioni, the Galactic Empire disgraced the moon by building a secret dark laboratory on the Vorboccioni Bú manor grounds. Tsu Vorboccioni, with the assistance of the family seneschal and other associates, were able to clean out the lab and return the moon to Vorboccioni hands. The populace is still determining which is the greater disgrace: the original fall, or the buried capital ship turned horror laboratory.


As indicated by the term "Fell", the terrain is very jagged: most land is mountainous, and travel along the surface of the world generally has as much altitude change in any given period of time as it does circumferential change (or more!). Terraforming an area of Torak Fell for habitation starts with carving terraces into the nearest cliff or slope, followed by building a platform to retain imported soil.


The largest single expanse of relatively flat land is the estate of Vorboccioni Bú, site of the ancient House Vorboccioni complex and its grounds plus nearby homes for the household staff and a tiny starport dedicated to Count Vorboccioni's services.


Torak Fell does not host cities or towns, but does have a few permanent village-sized camps where herders can always expect at least eight hours of sunlight per standard day regardless of orbital dynamics.

Natural Resources

Most industry on Torak Fell centers around herd-based agriculture, particularly altitude-adapted herbivores such as mesa goats (originally from Teyr) and mear (originally from Gacerian).

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