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Cesya System


VNY's notes:

Unlike some of Cadriaan Province, Cesya System has been House VorCadriaan turf since there was a House VorCadriaan in the first place. If High Lady Bathos was not born and raised on this world, then at least two of her late husbands certainly were.
If you want to hire the baba with the most impressive career history, bring all your money to Cesya System.
If you want to solicit several competing construction bids for a stylish home or other dirtside structure that will withstand three hyperspace missile bombardments without so much as losing its twinkling exterior lighting, bring liquid assets and at least one profitable long-term business connection to Cesya System.
If you want to springboard a genuinely altruistic public service organization, go to Mrlsst or Procopia System or come chat over lunch on Natunda afternoons at Allandor System. Don't waste your travel budget with a trip to Cesya System.
As is often the case in the Tapani Sector: each world and moon here is likely to be ruled by a different Vor from House VorCadriaan, although the ones in-system can probably trace their ancestry back to a specific marriage within five or so generations. However, every noble in this system is also going to owe fealty of some sort to Count Sebastian Vorstepanov who is directly in charge of Drasen and its shipyards, but also outranks the rest of the Cesya System nobles.
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