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Wicked Witches

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 20.0 "Decision at New Shella"

VNY's notes:

Originally Dathomirian Witches who were thrown out for the sheer grandiosity of their Entitlement Complexes, they've split into a few subfactions who are still all in favor of hurting people (especially male people), flaunting their sexual characteristics, and indulging in Force-powered temper tantrums. Some of them have taken to wearing a lot of reddish-brown, form-fitting leatherette body armor and carrying pain-enhancing clubs or Dark Side-enhancing plasma whips; this group stays busy raiding other ships for goods and brainwashable male slaves.
They kind of faded out when the Honorable Order of Matres suddenly took over the Tapani Confederation secessionists, but they are not the same groups.
If you run into the Nightsisters, don't let them talk! Wide-angle heavy stun means being able to straighten the mess out later. And don't bother attempt to interrogate them. They feed on pain - their own, others', it's all useful to their Dark Side fixation.
- database entry updated Katunda
27 Helona
Religious, Holy Order
Notable Members


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