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Dathomirian Witches

Dathomiri were a warrior clan society on their home world with a lot of dysfunctional caste stuff going on. When Darth Sidious sent Feyd to recruit or kill them all, some of the Jedi Order were hiding out on the planet. Everyone who was sensible enough to flee, men and women from several of the clans, joined the Jedi and Rebellion in a multi-ship evacuation.
It was crowded and messy and Not Fun.
(Fortunately a very, very kind young man from the Tapani Sector offered the lot of us a replacement base. He had this mostly unused small planet, kind of jungle-ish, were we could start over in building a functional base and training each other up.)
The current Witch-Queen Suara Hinalli, actually my friend Nigahana Sakamoto's aunt, said the Dathomirian traditions were largely based out of ancient teachings from a Jedi Knight hundreds of years ago. So they decided to join up as equals with us Jedi, see if maybe we could find enough common ground to grow together.
Things worked great until Palpatine's missiles blasted most of Dendarii into craters. That was really horrible, devastating. The missiles had ysalamiri stuffed into them, so no one would feel them coming through The Force. I have not been back to Dendarii and I really don't think it would be a good idea to go.
Some of the Dathomirian Witches were off-planet at the time, so the order still exists, but they have been keeping quiet to avoid notice while we Jedi are honored to make a spectacle of ourselves at necessary moments. They deserve some peace to recover. So do we, really, but we get more of that by throwing ourselves into the work.
"Men are AWESOME!" has been a tough adjustment for the Dathomirian Witches to make. I am not sure they will ever completely wrap their philosophy around it, but they no longer relegate male-identifying beings to "animate tool" status. They still train their bodies hard, they still wear braids and keep to the Book of Law, they still chant their spells when they use the Force. They are still cautious around complicated space-based technology, but the younger ones took to DataPADDs like rancors to tool belts.
Religious, Holy Order
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