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Discovered during the initial survey of Tapani Sector hyperlane. This places Zetauri deep within one of the more active regions of the Shindra's Veil nebula. The active state of the nebula and its periodic waves of gravitational disturbances are why this system has only one route in or out by hyperspace.
All planets and star systems have their own unique character. This one is absolutely no exception.
— Dr. Ruk "Rukus" V’dora, formerly TC-622 of the 257th Clone Detachment
The Zetauri system is uninhabited due to the hazardous nature of the nebula. However, during the Galactic Civil War and later the Tapani Civil War, the system was used as a staging ground for naval fleets moving into and out of Melantha Province.


Zetauri's primary star is a M7 V red dwarf. Four planets comprise the system, three terrestrial or rocky worlds and one 'hot' gas giant that is actually a failed star due to the neubula.
Gravitational waves and other energies from the nebula pass through the system with such regularity that they have been referred to as the "Zetauri tides". The tides are generated by the interaction of the primary star and the nebula.
They are what maintains an remarkably clean hyperspace lane into the system. Stellar debris and dust is concentrated around the system, forming a small cloud of its own. The only place this cloud doesn't touch, is the hyperspace route allowing access.
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Feb 8, 2021 08:23

Awesome stuff as always, Kummer :D How does the single lane affect the political/war aspect of the place? Does who ever control it have a significant advantage? Does it mean smuggling and such activities are greatly reduced?   Keep on being amazing <3

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Feb 8, 2021 12:28 by C. B. Ash

Thanks Q!   That single lane, and with the system in the nebula, makes it pretty valuable. Fleets can be staged here, then launch out into Tapani Sector proper since this lane drops you right into a main hyperspace route that connects a half dozen systems. One lane in makes it easier to defend.   But there are some risks. Space is big so its not possible to "bottle" someone in a system very well, but the surrounding nebula plays all sorts of hell with long range sensors. On the other hand, this makes it a nice hiding place, too!   All that above make it contested by at least two major noble houses in the Tapani Sector.   Smuggling is really reduced in this system, despite the attempt to set up a smuggler shadow port as mentioned on Zetauri II. The Mining Guild has a severe interest in the place given the resources here.   However, there are a lot of ruins of terraforming complexes and stations on Zetauri III and on a moon around Zetauri IV from unknown civilizations. So that brings up REAL good questions... why were so many attempts just... abandoned?   :D

Feb 8, 2021 12:58

The plot thickens!

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