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Shindra's Veil


VNY's notes:

Shindra's Veil is the largest, densest nebula in the Tapani Sector, although due to the nature of three-dimensional space it becomes sparse enough in some areas to have negligible impact on local traffic. It often draws comparisons to the nearby Geric Nebula, which probably formed around the same time (cosmological scale, not sentient scale).
It's most intense around Jappe System and Tamber System, but it is a critical matter of concern for part of the Shapani Bypass, half of the Procopian Shipping Lane, all of the Three Ellas Run, some of Vorharopulos Pass, the interesting chunks of Venn Run including that half of the Gambler's Run, and of course Shindra Lane.
Between this nebula and the gravity waves that distorted it over time, and the other nebulae which surround the Tapani Sector, it's a wonder that the area got colonized in the first place.
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27 Helona
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