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Shindra Lane

Purpose / Function

The Shindra Way, while not as important as the Procopian Shipping Lane, is still a fairly important hyperspace route through the Melantha Province. It splits off the Procopian Shipping Lane at sector capital Procopia System and carries all Melantha traffic at least to Bilios System, at which point the old Vorgarin Route turns off toward Soterios System and Barnaba Province while maybe a third of the usual traffic continues on the Shindra Way toward the remaining four Melantha systems, terminating in Lupani System.


Shindra Lane is a safe hyperlane to travel, if one has the correct permits, but may be the worst possible route for uncharted diversions. It passes directly through Shindra's Veil which only a complete idiot would risk without precise navigation data.

Parent Location


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