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Tavya System

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Where the Three Ellas Run connects to the Procopian Shipping Lane, this Freeworlds Territory system consists of a spaceport named Tavya Nine that directly handles through traffic (refueling/repairs/inspections, transshipping from one carrier to another, maintenance of hyperlane buoys, hyperspace communications) and very closely held businesses, plus housing for workers; also, two inhabited planets, Tavya and Bhavya.

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While it certainly looks as though someone used no creativity at all in naming most of these worlds at first, only coming in afterward to give traditional names to the two inhabited worlds, I think some of these rocks and ice balls actually had names which a human throat would have to diligently practice before we could pronounce it correctly. I am not fluent in any languages besides Galactic Basic -- I should fix that someday! -- but I sort of know what numbers sound like in Tsi and Honoghran and I do not think I hear those sounds much when they are comparing notes on how to give me directions.
Except when it comes to Tavya Nine.
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The system primary is Mussa, an A8 V White Main Sequence star.
The first two orbits, counting from inside to outside, are both inhabited worlds. Bhavya was originally a large rock with a very thin atmosphere but a good, sturdy magnetosphere to protect it from solar storms and smaller debris. It was terraformed late in the Dynastic Era once the people on nearby Tavya decided "Tavya One" had enough potential to be worth the work.
Tavya, a light-mass world which is unusual for an inhabited planet, does have a moon: Navya.
Outside of these two worlds are a series of thin atmosphere or no atmosphere worlds:
Tavya Three has got some spectacular electromagnetic storms in its very thin atmosphere, maybe because of all the oxidized iron dust blowing around. Its axis is tilted over almost flat to the orbital plane.
Tavya Four has a short, shallow planetary ring around it. Back around 11220 or so, someone prospecting or mineable ore uncovered an ancient artifact, not advanced enough to be the supposed "Celestials" but pretty advanced anyway. If you have seen that one season of Jedi Quest with the Mysterious Artifact plot, you know, the one that turns out to be a Magic Spacesuit Printer? That storyline was inspired by the discovery of this thing, which was Not Magic and also Not a 3d Printer and, in fact, Not a Printer at all. Archaeologists and engineers are pretty sure it was meant for regulating a highly charged magnetosphere which produces the same kind of electromagnetic storms that we still see over on Tavya Three.
Tavya Five through Eight are all ice planets. Six has got a good bit of volcanism going on, which occasionally excites some small mining company that wants to revive the ore mining business in this system.
Tavya Nine is an independently-orbiting space station in the several-limbs-off-one-axis model. Hello!
At the outer limits of the system, far enough away from Tavya Eight to have fit into that empty space an entire gas giant from the largest end of the mass range, is a cold, somewhat sparse asteroid belt of the sort that sometimes spawns comets or meteors. Some ore prospecting still happens out there, but it is an unlikely investment.
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Natural Resources

Long ago, this system's main source of income was ore mining, much like its neighbors on the Three Ellas Run. In the last century or so of the Old Republic, mining in this system became more difficult (and, therefore, more costly) than it was really worth. A few prospectors can usually be found out in the farthest orbits. Tavya System Bureau of Ships tries to keep track of them in case one falls silent for too long; they serve as a sort of early warning net for hostile incursions such as the missile barrage of the Long Night.

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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.

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