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Dorella is a forested world in the Dorella System of the Freeworlds Territory in the Tapani Sector.
It is within the standard gravity range of typical inhabited planets in the galaxy.
Local days are twenty-six standard hours long.
Local years are one hundred five local days long.
Doris has a Type I atmosphere: Breathable for most species. Contaminants from artificial processes are rigorously contained and recycled in order to maximize renewability while minimizing impact.
The axis of the planet is offset approximately twenty-four degrees to the orbital plane, causing moderate seasonal variation throughout the local year. Temperatures average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius, and are in the most comfortable temperature bands for humans and many near-human species.
The sentient population of Dorella was counted in the census of Tapani Year 12720 as 99 billion.
The planet is approximately forty percent covered in land. There are many different terrain types, including hills, mountains, inland seas, rivers, and large oceans.
The primary starport on Dorella, which is located on the triangular subcontinent in the southern hemisphere, is Stellar Class. This type of starport can dock and service almost any class of ship. There are several shipyards in the immediate area, and they can handle minor repairs and modifications. There is a former Imperial Customs office on site which now serves the Dorella System and Freeworlds Territory governments' interests.
The inhabitants of this planet generally work in one of four broad career categories:
  • Manufacturing goods, using refined ores harvested from Dorella System plus some materials from Doris System and Pernella System. Most of the goods produced are intermediary steps in a longer process: business on Dorella process the material which will be used in the production of a finished good manufactured somewhere else, usually somewhere reached via the Procopian Shipping Lane.
  • Support industries to provide necessary materials for the mining industries, including consumables, clothing, tools, and safety equipment.
  • Hospitality industries, catering either to the miners and transport crews, or to the rare tourists (frequently of a scientific bent) and visiting executives.
  • Organized crime.
Organized crime is, in fact, an acknowledged career field in the tax office and other business indices of Dorella. Professions such as "real estate forgery" and "pyramid scheme propmakers" are known for their quality certification system, their enthusiasm for paying local taxes and utility bills promptly and without seeking deductions, and their willingness to sponsor municipal or community works such as regional health care benefits.
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