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Nelden isn't quite a 'hive of scum and villainy'. Given that organized crime is viewed as a legitimate career field on Dorella, maybe it's better to call this place the 'mob of bent noses and dramatic manners'?
Nelden is a small town on the southern continent of Dorella along the eastern shore. Unlike most places on Dorella, the town wasn't established because of the Galactic Empire or any era of the Tapani Imperium. Nelden was first founded as a trading outpost for the offshore independent miners working the underwater amber staramite fields, by Kenser Valsart in 12584, during the Federal Era of the Tapani Sector.
Valsart was a successful Free Trader who sought to build a successful niche business on Dorella serving the independent mining outfits. Most considered this risky, if not lethal, given the strong presence of both Hutt Kajidics and the Pyke Syndicate on the planet. But it did not deter Valsart. A few gunfights later, Valsart earned the respect of the Govaz the Hutt of the Durbo Kajidic. This caused the other syndicates and smaller organized crime on the planet to give Valsart leeway.
It didn't hurt that Valsart was also a retired gunfighter and sharpshooter...

Nelden Districts

Nelden isn't a large metropolis as other locations on Dorella, but the large town has its own collection of districts, each with their own flavor.

Underminer Quarter

This is the second oldest district in Nelden, focused on business and support of the underwater mining industry. Nelden has a long history with the underwater miners and prospectors because of the rich minerals and ore found offshore under Dorellan waters.
Local mining outfits such as the Ruvlar Mining Cooperative have a presence here, as does the galactic spanning cooperative, the Mining Guild. Tools, vehicles, and supplies for all aspects of underwater mining can be found for sale or trade here. Brokers in this district specialize in mining contracts, or the uncommon salvage contracts for ships lost in the Dorellan seas.

Spacer's Rest District

The Spacer's Rest District sits on the opposite side of Nelden from the Underminer Quarter. This district is focused on the support of space transports and similar ships that visit Nelden. Space transports are the most common visitors, but combat shuttles and the occasional starfighter aren’t unheard of customers.
A wide number of businesses operate here to support the starship traffic that comes through Nelden. The most well-known are Sefini's Tech-n-Trade and Wreck'n Pinion Ship Repairs. Aside from repair shops, shipping businesses maintain their shops here such as Vondo Import-Exports and Gaddu Shipping.

Urmbrek Market

The market is the centerpiece of Nelden. This vibrant place is a mixture of old and new architecture, with some of the older buildings dating back to the founding of Nelden itself. Drapes of sun shades extend as the awning over the front of each building and stalls line the avenues, hoping for customers. Fruits, cloth, local crafts, and especially local cuisine and minerals are sold here.
All manner of trade and business takes place here. One establishment stands out above the rest: The Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery. 
The Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery is the oldest local cantina in Nelden. They offer an extensive menu and the fruit-based drinks all use local grown varieties for both fermented and non-fermented drinks. Business deals for a wide variety of contracts take place here. Gunfights aren't common, but do happen. 
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Large town
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Demographics by Culture

  • Humans (60%)
  • Twi'leks (20%)
  • Cathar (10%)
  • Pyke (5%)
  • Other (5%)

  • Industry, Trade & Commerce

  • Ruvlar Mining Cooperative
  • Vondo Import-Exports
  • Sefini's Tech-n-Trade
  • Gaddu Shipping
  • The Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery
  • Thistle Do Nicely Herb and Exotic Plants
  • Wreck'n Pinion Ship Repairs
  • Brass Spanner Trade and Craft

  • Law Enforcement

    Nelden's independence means it doesn't pay protection money to any of the local syndicates. So the town relies on a small office staffed by Street Judges from the Order of Solicitors. They work with a local Sector Rangers of the Corps of Rangers stationed on Dorella.

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