Durbo Kajidic

The Durbo Kajidic isn't by far the largest of the Hutt Kajidics, but to the surprise of most, they are considered a Clan of the Ancients and have a seat on the Meldari Council.   This kajidic specializes in handling the trade of exotic materials that require specialized handling, purchasing and refurbishing of old or out of date starships, and many types of electronic systems. In addition, they trade in old mining claims that have exhausted their original mineral source or might have become difficult to mine due to environmental concerns.   Due to their small size, this has resulted in a profitable business for the clan but also been a hindrance as it means it isn't large enough to move into higher-priced markets and challenge other competitor kajidics.  

Clan Information

Clan of the Ancients? Yes
  Current Clan Leader: Grakor
  Primary Base of Operations: Turante Estate in Ole Town Sector on Nar Shaddaa
  Bootana Hutta Throneworld: none   Spheres of Influence:   Current Legitimate Enterprises: starships salvage and refurbishing, import/export material transportation, astrogation and computer system repair/refurbishing/engineering, mining   Current Criminal Operations: ( spoilers ... )

( First appeared in Episode 3.07: Revenge of the Slave Lords )
Geopolitical, Clan
Alternative Names
Durbo Clan
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories


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