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Tose Phen

Mechanic, mathematics professor, droid engineer, chef... Tose Phen has been all of these at one time or another. But it's his love of exploration, followed only by his love of history, that moves him through the galaxy.
Tose Phen is considered a man of many talents, whose only limitation is his imagination. A native of the Tapani Sector, Tose was born and raised on the spinward side of Tapani, near the Freeworlds League region. His parents, both professors at the University of Mrsst, saw that he had a well-rounded education and a good start on life.
In fact, in the early part of his life after university, he followed in their footsteps and took a position as a mathematics professor. But, despite his skill at teaching, his imagination and the stars called to him.

A Life Worth Living

Tose spent the next few years after he resigned as a professor working on Free Trader and Mining Guild crews across the Tapani Sector. It’s through that he found a knack for mechanics and engineering. Specifically droids. This was about the time he also found a passion for mining and prospecting.
Prospecting and also mining fascinated him. Planetary rock formations were like reading a page from a history flimsie. Each later of slate and shale was a new chapter for a planet’s long story. At times, he would uncover prehistoric remains, or even starships long buried from the ancient past.
This work led him between systems until he settled on Dorella. It’s ecosystem, the unique challenge of underwater mining with Dorella’s trove of ancient starship wrecks, was the perfect mix to hold his inquisitive mind.

A Chance Meeting

It was on Dorella where Tose met his most trusted friend and ally, DT-9G or “Spudnik”. The little droid was half buried in the blasted wreck of a shuttle that crashed in the deep migrating forest of Dorella. How or why the exploration droid was there, or even survived the crash. But the droid seemed to be lucky, resilient, or both.
To Tose, this was more than enough reason to revive the droid. It deserved a second chance on life. After a month’s work, and more than a few fabricated parts, Tose brought the droid back from the edge of digital death. Since then, Spudnik has been Tose’s close companion.
Since reviving the droid, and in between working his own underwater mine, Tose has been taking contracts to research and salvage lost ships in the Dorella oceans.
Current Location
white montrals with some blue striping
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.8 m ( 5 ft 11 in )
175 lbs

Character Portrait image: Tose Phen by Star Wars the Old Republic Character Maker


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